5 bedroom plants to help you sleep a sweet sleep

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Have you ever experienced a night without sleep? If so, what have you noticed to yourself? I’m pretty sure it brings you discomfort, mood swings, unproductive, lazy, and feels like your brain is filled with air. Sleep plays a vital role in our health, as it will give us a rest and allow our bodies a time to refresh our minds, recharge energy, and reconstruct damage cells.

Sleep is also one of the ingredients that we need to avoid ourselves to any illnesses. These boost our immunity to fight viruses, flues and prevent our cancer cells from being awakened. Sometimes things aren’t on our hands. We have many kinds of identified sleeping disorders that might lead us to become unhealthy. Some of these are because of our environment, stress, work demands, and others are inherent from our ancestors.

The fact that your body deserves a complete sleep, you try many remedies like medicine, and many other advise that you could make to overcome the sleeping disorder. Have you ever try plant therapy for your sleeping disorder? Have you any ideas what are the best plant for this? If you still don’t have a design, I think it’s not a waste of time if you continue reading this.

  1. Jasmine Plant – All of us are familiar with Jasmine as a tea and used in aromatherapy to improve once mind retention and improve from managing stress, depression, and anxiety. However, the European Journal Applied Physiology found that the smell of Jasmine possesses an aroma that good for our insomnia or any sleep disorder. The sedative compound in the jasmine plant sends a signal to our thalamus (also responsible for regulating sleep arousal) to promote a calm mind that leads once sleep peacefully. You must consider putting a Jasmine Plant in your room, so you get a night of better and peaceful sleep. Peaceful sleep will help us to be alert and productive the next day.
  1. English Ivy Plant – In the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), one of the main functions of English Ivy Plant is reducing the toxins (Benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, toluene) that we have in our room or building. Those toxins that were identified are responsible for inducing Sick Building Syndrome that makes one person sleep miserable or fell uncomfortable in your office or building. It might cause discomfort if the toxins are inhaled. The English Ivy Plant is much preferable if put in the window because mostly of toxins are acquired outside our rooms or building.
  1. Snake Plant – Our brain needs non-polluted oxygen for proper regulation. Other studies claim that pollution in the streets is equally dangerous to the pollution inside our room or building. We know the fact that it is costly and hassle to control the air-pollution contamination. Snake plant has a substance called Crassulacean  Acid Metabolism the ability of ones plant to perform a type of photosynthesis wherein they continuously produce oxygen and open their stomata to minimize the pollution in their surroundings. This has a valuable benefit that our brain receives. Our brain functions well and reduces the stress level of an individual. This is very helpful in getting a great and peaceful sleep.
  1. Aloe Vera Plant – Aloe Vera Plant is famous for its use in shampoo, tooth and gum care, and in cosmetic products. However, most of us don’t have an idea of why Aloe Vera Plant is beneficial in our sleeping time. In the study of Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, they claim that Aloe Vera plant has a sedative-hypnotic effect. This results in a peaceful and prolongs the time of sleep. The Aloe Vera releases oxygen that would help us to be more comfortable while we are sleeping and purifying the toxins primarily benzene and formaldehyde. If you still don’t have an Aloe Vera inside your room, you must try purchasing or painting one of this.
  1. Lavender Plant – Have you ever wonder why most dental clinics have a lavender plant or lavender air freshener? This is because it helps to reduce the anxiety of the patient while they are still in the waiting area. This could be applying to our bedrooms. Its aroma is beneficial for us to feel comfortable, and this also helps to arouse sleep. The Lavender Plant induces scented aroma that is very helpful for you to have a very relaxing moment that will sway you to sleep. Lavender is so very easy to plant, so it’s much better if you have your own Lavender and put it in your room.

Base in my experience, I am 100% sure that putting plants in our room is very helpful. When I was 15 years old, I was diagnosed with insomnia, chronic Somniphobia, and experience four times a week of sleep paralysis. It was so hard for me since I’m studying that time. I usually go to school with an empty mind. Our counselor noticed my performance inside the class since my sleeping disorder is caused by depression due to some personal and family issues.

We had a lot of private talks (as my request to keep it secret) to overcome my depression, fears, and sleeping disorders. She said to me to change the mood and environment of the room to at least lessen the anxiety and forget whatever happened in my place. After the day she told me that, I look for plants (Aloe Vera Plant, Snake Plant, and Jasmine Plant) that I could put in my room since we don’t have much of herbaceous plants in our house.

From that moment, my condition comes better every day, my fear was lessened since I changed the decoration of my room and put some plants. Before, I usually got more than ten interruptions at night because I’m so sensitive to any sound. At the same time, after one week of changing the ambiance of my room, my sleep paralysis attacks twice or once a week, and after months, I notice that sleep paralysis wasn’t even bothering me.

So, don’t hesitate and try putting the five plants mentioned above for you to experience the relief that I also continue to suffer.

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