11 Container Gardening Concepts – Plants for Containers

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There are so many uses of gardening in the container. It makes your first way more colorful, adds color in a shady area of your place, and manages with poor soil in your yards. But in planting in the container is different from planting plant in the ground.  So, you need to know some importance in planting and finding the right plants for your vessel.

Make sure that the container has a hole in a bottom so that plant doesn’t drown. In choosing the right plant, you need to learn their needs and place condition if its right for your place. The plant needs a container enough for them to grow comfortably. So, the container size that you are going to use in planting is essential to the plant. Also, it depends on what plants which you are going to plant in the container.  So, let see what the best plants for making a container garden are.

  1. Petunias – One of the most popular flowers and best grown in a container. It has two different groups, which is the Grandiflora and Multiflora. In caring of Petunias, you don’t need to water them regularly. Watering once a week is enough unless there are extended periods of drought in your area. In planting, it can grow from seeds, but it more accessible to grow them from transplants. Start them indoors 10 to 12 weeks if you are going to start to grow from seeds before you start it planting outside. The seeds of petunias are tiny and need lots of light to grow, and don’t forget to water them. When it’s already, and you see about three leaves, you can already plant them outside. It can grow in partial shade, but it makes fewer flowers. So, it best to plant them in have a lot of light and well-drained soil. In planting in a container, you need a soil-less mix and place which can require a good soak in the sun to bloom abundantly. To avoid root rot, you need to water it regularly and let the soil dry out.
  1. Coral Bells – Also called heuchera, if you are looking for a stunning color for your container garden, you can consider planting garden coral bells. It gives a lot of flowers and has a great variety of foliage color. In early summer when coral bells bloom, the flowers have color ranging from white and pink to light coral and dark red. It needs more water to grow in the container.
  1. Begonia Flowers – In planting Begonia is easy and they bloom from early summer to the first frost. It will successfully grow in the container if you must follow some general rule in planting. Just like the size of the pot or container that you are going to use must fit the plant, use appropriate soil, and provide the required amount of foods, water sunlight, and care.  It is essential that the soil you are going used is well drained that free of diseases and not direct from the garden. This needs a clean pot if you are going to reuse a container. Make sure that you wash it carefully to get rid of bacteria.
  1. Angelonia – Also called as Summer Snapdragon, it has an abundance flower that looks like small snapdragon all summer. It is one of the best container plants and best to plant in a full sun location. It grows about one to two feet and spread over an area up to one foot. The flower has a color of bluish-purple and cultivars are available in bicolor, light pink, blue and white.
  1. Coleus – Growing Coleus in the container is comfortable than the ground and requires only a slight preparation. Coleus had an explosion of new colors in the last few years. In planting, the pot you are going to use must be comfortable and have reasonably moist soil for fast growth of your Coleus. If it looks dull and washed out, it may be to direct and getting much sun. So, you need to put it in the shaded area. When starting to lose leaves, it indicates that the pots are either too cold or dark and needs a light.
  1. Euphorbia – Euphorbia grows well as a container plant, but you need care and plant it correctly. It has more than 2,000 species, which a large genus of plants. This plant enjoys in the area which has a bright spot. So, you must place where it can get more sunshine. It produces brown, purple, green yellow or deep red color lovely flower which blooms in the spring or summer and inactive in winter.
  1. Ornamental Pepper – This is also known Christmas pepper plant. During summer it is grown in the garden, although it’s attractive when it places in a container.  In caring, this plant needed only reasonable and primary care, just like maintenance of moist soil, mild to cool temperature, and plenty of light. The fruit of Ornamental pepper is hugely spicy, and if you use it in your cooking, you need to protect your hand or avoid from another area of your skin unless you been washed your hand thoroughly. If ever you have a pet or children in your house you need to make sure it is placed in a safe place, and that can’t try to reach them.
  1. Nemesia – Nemesia is the right choice as a container plant and place on your deck or patio, favorite also in many gardens in a different country. Have one, and you will able to enjoy their fragrance. It grows about two feet high. The flowers of Nemesia are shaded by different colors of white, yellow, red, purple, and pink. The good in the planting of this plant it’s requires low maintenance, which means, you can get beautiful blossom in just a simple caring of them. You must locate it in the area which can catch by the sun at least six to seven hours to promote more blossoms.
  1. Hydrangea – Most of Hydrangea blooms whitish pink or white, and it turns to color lime green, purple, pink, or a combination of color. Choose the right one dwarf varieties that can’t get more than 2 to 3 feet high, which is perfect for planting in the container.  You can cut blooms dry beautiful and functional as indoor display in winter. Planting Hydrangea in a container can give the great option to design and caput on the entry of your house, on deck, patio, next to a pool or great freestanding piece at your garden landscape. Place your Hydrangea where it can receive full sun in the morning and the afternoon, and it is essential that you give some shade to keep it from drying out.
  2. Roses – Most roses can be grown in a container, and it is famous for decorating in the deck or patio in a hotel, restaurants, in home, and for occasions or events. In planting, this plant is not delicate compared to other plants in a container. You need a size of the pot to be enough in housing a mature root system, which usually about fifteen inches high and wide. Have great drainage in the bottom, the soil is perfect and places where it can receive enough light of the sun. You also need to water it regularly because roses need deep watering but having a perpetually moist they will rot. So, the way to know if the plant needed water you only need is to stick your finger into the soil and test if it is dry. If so, then it’s time to water again.

Planting in a container can save your house spaces, can brighten up your garden, even inside beautify your house, can provide fresh, fruits, vegetable, and herb at your kitchen. It can make your entrance look welcoming.  It also allows you to grow plants in the courtyard, patio, and the deck of the boat, rooftop, indoors on a windowsill, side of your pool or rooms with adequate light. In terms of spending money, you can save in planting in a container because you don’t need to buy any pots if ever you have a container in your house that is unused. You make it more beautiful by using your creativity. It is easy also to you to change and make a beautiful theme that you want in your place by only moving your plants in a container. Planting in a container also makes it possible for you to plant inside your house and help to have a pleasant, breathable, and relaxing ambiance.

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