Benefits of having indoor plants

Current trends suggest that more and more people are choosing to build a small green haven inside their homes and offices.

Beyond the aesthetic benefits, scientific studies support the theory that having indoor plants has a positive psychological and physiological effect on the human beings who live in these spaces.

If you need a little nudge (or another excuse) to get a few plants, read on as you will learn in detail the benefits of having houseplants.

What the science says

Humans have a dynamic nature. We continually undergo adaptive changes in order to accommodate the smallest variations in our environment: temperature, humidity, lighting, structure and more.

Although sometimes imperceptible, these parameters and their variation have a direct and almost immediate effect on our overall sense of well-being. What happens around us conditions our physical and mental health to a large extent.

How plants affect people has been studied from many angles and powerful conclusions have been drawn. We won't bore you with a lot of scientific studies, but you may be interested in some of the results:

Size does matter

This scientific study was commissioned to record the effects of plants on the well-being of people in the work environment, comparing the effect of plants according to colour, size and colour. The results are very interesting; while all participants recorded a higher level of well-being and an improvement in their mood, people had better records with greener plants, with a very soft smell and with a medium to small size.

But if you're into giant plants, we don't judge. Here at Be.Green we have something for everyone.

Plants improve attention

A study by the Royal College of Agriculture in Circencester, England, found that students who attended classes in classrooms with plants reduced their levels of distraction by 70%, and preferred these spaces to receive their lessons.

Plants improve productivity

This study found that plants reduce stress and improve people's productivity, especially in windowless environments. As if that were not enough, participants also reported feeling more attentive and relaxed.

Just looking at plants has benefits

Horticultural therapy exists and seeks direct interaction with plants. This has its own very numerous advantages, but even having passive experiences with plants, i.e. contemplating them or being in an environment where they are present, has a positive effect.

Advantages of having indoor plants

They purify the air and the environment

We have already talked about plants purifying the air and improving the quality of the air you breathe, so that can be a good reason to have plants even in your bedroom. A good number of plants can release more vapour and moisture into the air, improving your breathing problems. don't know which plants have these properties? Check out our trio of purifiers.

Improve your mood

Being surrounded by greenery has a direct impact on your mental health.

Our ancestors lived a wilder, more outdoorsy life. We come from being more exposed to nature, we need to see plants and be near trees, but our modern lifestyle doesn't allow us to have this benefit on a regular basis. A plant (or many, we are here to please you) can make you feel peaceful, calm and in touch with that primal part of you that needs a bit of greenery.

They offer you purpose and satisfaction

A simple way to keep you motivated and focused is through a sense of purpose and achievement.

We need to feel useful, that our life has a clear purpose (or several) and that the work we do has a reward, an achievement. Growing plants at home, learning how to care for them and watching them grow under your care offers a clear sense of reward. On the other hand, caring for a living being satisfies the need to care and nurture, it also makes you feel accompanied. It is normal that after a while you form a bond with your plants, talk to them and sing while you water them, as this study shows, and that will improve your mental health.

Decorating with plants is cheap and easy

You can have the simplest, blandest room you can imagine, but fill it with plants and it will instantly come to life.

Not only will it look better aesthetically, but it will make you feel at home, safe and secure because it appeals to that basic instinct to go natural.

If you don't know where to start, you can look for one of our plant sets or trios, expertly chosen to suit your space, level of experience and taste. There's no way to go wrong when decorating with plants.
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