Best plants for an uncluttered and clean feeling of fresh air

For me it has always been a bit complicated trying to define the style I want to give to my spaces, probably because more than a specific type of decoration what I would like is for my home to convey a bright, clean and pleasant feeling. Maybe you've walked into a flat, office or room that feels like drinking a glass of ice water in the middle of summer: open, bright, cool and light. That is exactly what I would like to achieve.

To achieve this you don't need to marry a particular decorative style or live in a place with a huge window and no furniture, but use various elements to create this image. One of your greatest allies to create this kind of atmosphere are plants, so we will explain which are the best plants to create an uncluttered and clean atmosphere, as well as what are the stylistic tricks with plants that you can use to enlarge and illuminate your home.

Tips for creating an uncluttered atmosphere

If every time you walk into your living room or bedroom it makes you want to run out because it feels dark, cluttered and messy, it's time to get to work and apply some of these tips to create a more organised, open and bright space.

Move furniture around

Start by rethinking the position of the furniture you have in the space. Don't be afraid to remove or relocate excess furniture. Too much furniture can visually clutter the space. It is important to relocate furniture that may be obstructing the flow of light from the windows. The same goes for plants. If you have tall or hanging houseplants, remove them from the front of the windows, it is better to put them on the sides, framing them. This not only prevents them from blocking the light, but can provide an interesting display while allowing them to get the light they need.

Clear the windows

Say goodbye to heavy, closed curtains. Clean the windows really well and let the light flood in. For privacy, you have several options: you can opt for translucent curtains, which allow light in but block the view, or you can install frosted adhesive paper on the window panes. This eliminates visibility, and can even create an interesting effect when light shines through. This paper can be removed and replaced without damaging the glass.

Remember to place plants in the window frame or under the window, never through the window. If you are going to place a plant on one side, consider placing one of the same or similar size on the other side, to maintain symmetry. Low planters, placed at the bottom of the window, with hanging plants, succulents or other low species are another interesting option.

Use mirrors

Mirrors are a great tool for bouncing light and flooding spaces, as well as visually enlarging them. If the walls are large, you can put mirrors of different sizes and frames to create an eclectic effect. A mirror at the end of a hallway will make it look more spacious. You can place a mirror on a shelf or console and place a potted orchid or succulent arrangement in front of it. Don't be afraid of metallic colours or metal objects, they also have the ability to reflect light so you can incorporate these finishes into pots and vases.

Clear furniture sections

In living rooms it is typical to have a piece of furniture with sections or a bookcase, they are very practical and look good. Avoid putting them full of books or various decorative objects. It is preferable to leave some free space in the sections. Displaying so many cluttered objects robs visual space and gives the impression that the place is overcrowded and you lack space.

Prefer to put a small hanging plant, a potted potos for example, in a pot and leave that section free. Combine some books with a decorative object, leaving some space empty or with a small object. This works as a visual silence, spaces to relax the eye.

Choose your colours wisely

If you live in a small flat, please don't paint the walls with too deep tones. Yes they are beautiful but they will steal light and visual space. I know it may seem boring, but when the place is very small, the best option is white (or a very light tone) and take advantage of decorative objects to give colour to the space. Choose a colour palette and stick to it, this will not only give cohesion to the space but will maintain a delicate and elegant ambience.

I prefer to use a single colour in different shades and depths, combine it with white and add details in a vibrant hue for interest. For example, you can use a colour scheme based on blue and touches of red or orange. Take advantage of plants and flowers to add unexpected touches of colour, as well as breaking up the monochromatic scheme in a natural way.

Incorporate the terrace or balcony

If the weather or season permits, open the terrace or balcony windows wide and incorporate them into the adjacent space, especially when entertaining. If this is not an option, either because of noise or weather, you can incorporate it visually. Avoid using heavy curtains, place some simple furniture, a table and chair for example, and strategically place plants that can live outdoors. Leave the tallest and leafiest plants for the sides, framing the space and even offering some privacy from the neighbours on the sides and to avoid obstructing the entry of light.

Play with levels

A common mistake we make when decorating a space is to place everything on the same level. For example, we put a collection of succulents on a table or several pots on the floor, side by side. Look at your space and check if the furniture, plants and decorations are more or less at the same height. If so, you are cluttering your line of sight. You need to learn to play with levels.

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You can buy tables of different heights to place your plant collection, for example. Using hanging plants is a great way to add visual height, make use of space and create variation. Change the placement of pictures, plants, furniture and other objects. Some furniture, such as sofas, can be transformed by removing or changing the legs. Install shelves, don't be afraid to take over the whole space in all its dimensions.

Purify the atmosphere with plants

Once you've taken care of the visual aspect, you can take advantage of the purifying properties of plants to create an oxygen-rich, uncluttered environment that is more pleasant for your airways. A few purifying plants can improve your concentration levels, keep your skin moist and cheer you up with their colours and presence.

Believe it or not, the air we breathe indoors is not as clean as we think it is. We are surrounded by objects made of synthetic materials that can release volatile organic compounds, which when accumulated over the long term can cause health problems, including cancer. Some of these harmful compounds are benzene, xylene, toluene, trichloroethylene, carbon dioxide and formaldehyde, among others.

Plastic objects, paints, varnishes, solvents, air fresheners, some glues used in the manufacture of chipboard, PVC, cleaning products, among others, are the culprits of these volatile compounds that we absorb on a daily basis. But we are not alone, as there are plants that are capable of absorbing, processing and eliminating all these pollutants naturally. Take note of the most efficient ones, and almost all of them are very easy to care for.

- Peace lily

This plant has beautiful green leaves and produces a beautiful white flower. The spathiphyllum, as it is also known, is a very low maintenance plant that prefers indirect light and high humidity levels. It has a very elegant demeanour and looks great in minimalist settings.

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- Potus

Potus is almost immortal and although it prefers indirect light, it can adapt to almost any lighting conditions. It requires little watering and tends to grow downwards, so you can put it in hanging pots or suspend it from desks, bookcases and other tall furniture. It is a powerful purifier, removing formaldehyde, xylene and benzene. another plus? It reproduces easily and can live in water. It will look beautiful in a glass container, which will also let in light and look very elegant.

- Snake plant

The Sansevieria or Mother-in-law's Tongue is an amazing plant. I have always said that if I could, it would water itself because it is so resilient and epic that it can live in extreme conditions. I love its simple, sleek, elongated lines and it's great for adding some visual height to a space, in fact, I recommend buying it in pairs to take advantage of its size and harmony to create symmetrical spaces.

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Not only is the Snake Plant an invincible warrior, but it has the amazing ability to absorb carbon dioxide at night and produce oxygen, so it's great for rooms. As if that wasn't enough, it eliminates benzene, toluene, xylene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene. want more? There are many varieties, with different colours and sizes.

- Spider Plant

This plant is fantastic for filling spaces at the bottom of pots or planters with very tall plants, but it also looks great in hanging baskets, due to its elongated shape. It is very efficient at removing toxins, including xylene and carbon monoxide. It tolerates low light and cold well, requires little watering and reproduces very easily, as it shoots its offspring outwards with a long stem. Another great thing is that it is safe for pets and children.

- Brazil trunk

Brazil trunk or Dracaena fragans is a small evergreen shrub with a tall, elegant stature. You'll love its ringed trunk, decorated with hanging leaves in shades of green and yellow. Easy to care for, they are purifying machines that will absorb all the trichloroethylene and xylene in the environment. It is very easy to care for, grateful and happy, it will grow perfect without looking too messy or leafy.

- Zamioculcas

Also known as raven plants, it has a fantastic style with its elongated stems and bright green leaves arranged along them. It requires very little maintenance as long as it has indirect light. If you are one of those who forgets to water, this purifying plant comes in handy because it requires little water and grows best in soil that has been allowed to dry out a little. It absorbs a lot of volatile organic compounds.

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- Elephant Ear Alocasia

If you want a slightly more exuberant purifying plant, Alocasia has to be on your list. It has large leaves at the end of long, delicate stems. It prefers indirect light, humid environments and weekly watering. Once you place it in the ideal spot for it, you will see it grow happily and radiantly. This is another purifying machine, which will devour those toxins in the environment.

- English Ivy

This is a plant that is used as a climber, but you can let it hang from its pot or planter or place a stake for it to climb on. It will fascinate you with its lobed leaf shape and vibrant green colour. It can also be planted as a creeping plant, to cover the soil of window boxes. Reduces formaldehyde, trichloroethylene and benzene in the environment.

- rubber Tree

Ficus Robusta removes formaldehyde from the air. It is recommended for removing substances left in the air from adhesive products. It prefers luminous environments but never in direct sunlight. Even when lush it never looks untidy, but has an elegant and delicate demeanour. It is very easy to care for, no spraying is needed and it will do wonders for the humidity levels in your home. With a personalised pot, you can explore its full potential and make it the focal point of your décor.

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