Breathe: Plants to help you release stress

Stress is considered one of the biggest public health problems worldwide. We live in constant activity, trying to balance personal responsibilities (including family, friends, partners, domestic issues and more) with work responsibilities. On top of that, we also have to deal with inner thoughts, which can make the job even harder, as we feel tired, underachieving, not enough, or that we still have too much to do.

Undergoing these levels of mental activity without rest produces a response that we know as stress. Take a deep breath and pay attention, because we'll show you why plants are powerful stress relievers.

The dangers of stress

Stress is directly linked to the onset of diseases such as cancer, heart attacks, obesity, psoriasis, Crohn's disease, as well as mental conditions such as anxiety and depression. The worst thing is that we have become accustomed to normalising this feeling and do not take action to combat it until it is too late. This is a problem that has different causes and effects, so it must be tackled from a multifaceted perspective, addressing the origin and acquiring tools that allow you to better manage the challenges that life offers you.

To combat stress it is essential to have a holistic approach, covering the different areas of your life.

There is no point in optimising your workflow if you come home to a little chaos that complicates the simplest tasks. Stress relief should become a way of life, so make use of all possible resources, including decorating with plants.

Plants eradicate stress

Stress is so dangerous that science has been busy proving the effectiveness of various methods to combat it. Given humanity's close and atavistic relationship with nature, there is a great deal of scientific research devoted to understanding how being in contact with natural elements such as trees and plants affects us. While walking among the trees in a forest immediately reduces stress symptoms, as this study shows, similar results can be obtained using indoor plants.

This research proves that being in contact with plants is a non-verbal, highly intuitive activity that stimulates 4 senses, offers psychological and emotional stability and makes you feel comforted. As a result, psychological stress is reduced, cognitive health is improved and mood is enhanced, which has a positive impact on chronic conditions and the overall well-being of the individual.

If the person interacts with the plant, either by caring for it or by transplanting it, the results related to stress reduction are incredible. This research showed that people feel more comfortable, relaxed and happy after having cared for plants. These values were obtained after an isolated interaction, if the activity is done continuously and sustained over time, the effects could be greater.

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Dracena Lemon
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If you have ever had a plant, you will have noticed that it is possible to establish an emotional bond with it over time. When you are watering it, checking its leaves, moving it to other pots or cleaning it, it is almost impossible to feel irritated or annoyed. All interactions with plants require gentleness and attention to detail, they are usually done in silence (although you can sing and talk to them, that makes them grow better) and the simple, repetitive movements are relaxing and meditative.

Plants have many benefits. It is almost impossible to feel anger or distress when surrounded by greenery.

how to decorate with anti-stress plants?

There is no specific method for decorating with plants. You can play with the colours and finishes of the pots, so that they match the decoration you already have. Just follow your instinct and your taste. Look for pretty plants that catch your eye. Choose plants that suit the lighting conditions, the size of the place and your lifestyle, so that taking care of them is a pleasure and not an obligation.

The trio of ''immortals'' are perfect for those who don't have much luck keeping their plants alive. If your problem is that there is not much light, you can order the trio in the shade and if you want to improve the condition of the air you breathe, then look for the purifiers. don't have the space? A shelf with succulents is the right choice.

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White Orchid
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Pink Orchid
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Now, if you're looking for a complete solution to create your own zen space, a corner where you can relax and that houses a new green friend, you need the Sweet Dreams trio that includes a peace lily, which is a plant with purifying properties and is believed to attract good fortune (especially in love). This beautiful plant is accompanied by a Buddha sculpture and both are combined with a beautiful metal side table with MDF, which is beautifully decorated with a white mandala. With one click you can receive at your doorstep the corner you need to relax, read, have a cup of tea and take care of your new plant.

We ship plants to all locations, you can see more options here.

Plant Trio: Sweet Dreams
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Calathea lancifolia
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A few plants would do your home or office good, as these are places that move a lot of energy and could benefit from the balance and harmony, both aesthetically and environmentally, that plants offer.

If you find a room looks sad, if you feel anxious or bored as soon as you walk in, consider putting a couple of plants in there. You'll see how it changes your mood and the vibe of the space.
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