Clinging to life: Easy-to-care-for plants

We know that you have come to Be Green because you are banned from all the nurseries in your town. You probably bought a plastic plant and the poor thing inexplicably ended up in the same mass grave where all the plants that have passed through your hands end up; and no one in their right mind would ask you to water their plants if they went on a cruise. You are a real threat to everything green and you are about to lose all hope. But don't give up, at Be Green we believe in you and we can help you because we know that plants have a will to live that surpasses your murderous little hands.

The secret to perfect plants

All joking aside, it's a myth that you have magic hands when it comes to plants. People who tend to be successful in plant care are usually people who have learned to observe. In the first instance, it is important to perceive the conditions of the space where you live or where you want to keep your plants. You should check details such as whether it has good natural light, if there are draughts, if it is very dry or if you have an air conditioner on full blast that you cannot move (typical in offices), among others.

You also need to be honest about your lifestyle. Maybe you're the long-lost brother of Dory from Finding Nemo, or you go into town every weekend. Maybe you're 24/7 in the office, or maybe you're a person who goes all out all the time and overdoes it with the care. Honesty is a very important part because, let's face it, it doesn't matter if you spend hundreds of euros on the most beautiful orchid, if you barely remember to eat every day, you will forget to water and compost it.

The secret to having perfect plants is to accept where you live and who you are. If you want a garden that rivals the gardens of Versailles, you need to invest time, money and a lot of effort. So let's save ourselves time (and spare the lives of a few plants) by being honest about our living conditions. Once you are clear about all this, you can use the Be Green search engine to find the plant species that is compatible with all your needs and requirements.

Plants that cling to life

Because we know you're an individual of little faith, we've put together a wonderful list of plants that practically grow on their own. They could technically live on their own, they need almost no care from you and for this reason they are the ideal plants for people who are serial plant killers. You can see other species at this link or go straight to the Immortals set.

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Plant Trio: The Immortals
Three immortal plants
White Bamboo Orchid
A very tropical orchid

  • Snake Plant

Sansevieria, also known by other powerful names such as mother-in-law's tongue and St. Michael's sword, is a plant you can find in doorways, streets and offices as it requires virtually no human intervention to survive. It is a true survivor, and as such it is a beautiful, empowered plant that can grow up to two metres tall, regal and beautifully coloured.

If you don't water it too much, it will survive, if you forget to fertilise it, it will keep growing to show you that it doesn't need you. did you break its leaves? Well, another plant can grow from the piece you have left in your hand. If you knock it down 10 times, it will get up 11 times. Neither you nor anyone else can defeat it. do you want more? Well, not content with being so beautiful, it is one of those that purifies the air. And no, she doesn't need you to be so fabulous; you need her to improve your home.

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Snake Plant
An oxygen pump
Beaucarnea Kokedama
Original and surprising

  • Poto

have you ever met those people who hang up on you, won't let you go and don't take hints? Well, the poto is something like that, only this one you want in your life and in your home, because it has beautiful heart-shaped leaves that vary between green and gold, that cascade and will look perfect in your home, because it will make you look like a forest spirit, connected with nature and plants; but you and I will know the truth: that poto is alive because it has a stubborn and tenacious soul.

The poto grows very fast, can hang wherever you put it and adapts very easily to any kind of environment. do you live in a box with a small window? That's enough for the poto to grow luxuriantly. did you forget to water it? Well, it's better, because the humidity of the environment is enough for it. did you remove the substrate? That's fine, because it can live in a glass of water. And if you want to multiply it, just take out a small stem and that's it, a new plant. The poto will live on, whether you like it or not.

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Resistant and for beginners
Tillandsia Kokedama
Elegant and original

  • Raven plant

Also known as ZZ plant, the crow plant is a survivor. I had one that my cats knocked off a high shelf, broke it to pieces and, as a bit of a joke, I taped it up with some duct tape so it wouldn't look so ugly. It stayed alive and beautiful, plus I pulled out some new branches to make it feel ashamed of my poor nursing job.

The crow plant likes shadows, indirect light and infrequent watering. You can forget, she doesn't care about your indifference, she will remain lustrous, green and abundant. And to reaffirm that it is better than all of us, it is a plant capable of filtering harmful substances from the air you breathe.

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ZZ plant
Adapts to any environment
Nauru Basket - M/18cm
Jute with plastic lining

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