Decoration tips for your home office

lately, we have been hearing and reading a lot about decorating our workspaces with plants; not only to improve the quality of the air in the office, but also to improve our mood and enhance the appearance of our work spaces, whether it is a small desk or a large office.

The health benefits of surrounding ourselves with plants and the right décor are endless, because, after all, we spend most of our day at work and much of it sitting at our desks.

So, whether you work from home all the time or occasionally go to an office while tele-working on other days, here are some ideas on how you can decorate your workspace to improve your mood and create a harmonious place full of good energy.

Home office + 1 day office, the most widespread option

If you work in a private office, it is likely that in the last few months you have had to telecommute, so your situation will probably force you to create an improvised home office.

The best way to do this is to look for natural light. So, move closer to the window to place your desk. On the other hand, take advantage of the walls and shelves to place plants that purify the air of the place .

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We recommend using plant stands to optimise space. Plant stands are definitely one of the best solutions for "home offices", as they are not simple flower pots. Their design contributes to improving the overall appearance of each space and ties in with the furniture. However, is most likely that your desk is the best surface to place a plant or two, or three ... or simply place a large plant or a collection of small succulent plants.

A terrarium is also a beautiful option for decorating your desk with plants. Terrariums combine the beauty of the plants with the beauty of the container, which often has decorative layers. Thus, a terrarium is more than just a plant in a pot, it is a composition that fits very well with the furniture of an office.

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The perfect plants for your workspace

Now that you have a better idea of what you can do to beautify your desk and provide daily inspiration even at work, it's important to assess which plants are best suited to your workspace and its needs.

Of course, lighting is the first thing to consider when choosing the right plant for your space; however, the maintenance and level of care you need to provide for these plants also plays an important role in this choice.

Choose plants that fill dark corners, add greenery to shelves and play with ceramic planters, which will add a warm touch to your home office. Opt for plants that are easy to maintain and undemanding in terms of care.

Plants are an easy way to brighten up your desk and make you feel accomplished every day ("Did I water it today? Yes?"). And they have a bonus: some types of plants can purify the air in your office. And we repeat: if you don't think your gardening skills are up to the task, try a low-maintenance plant variety, such as succulents.

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Purifying and resistant
Monstera Deliciosa
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Simple ideas to improve the office environment

Other simple ideas to maintain a good working environment in your home, which will improve your concentration and keep you active, is to surround yourself with the things you love the most. For this reason, you can hang a wire to look at pictures of your friends and family. Not only is it fun to look at a photo wire, but it will also help you stay optimistic.

On the other hand, instead of sticking papers on the wall or sticking passwords on the side of your computer, use colourful note holders. Or make them more fun by using them to write uplifting quotes or messages to keep you going all day.

Also, instead of having the corkboard or whiteboard in front of your desk full of notes and past tasks, add some decorative ornaments to give it a touch of personality . Also opt for fun magnets and pins for your magnetic or cork board.

You can also prop up filing cabinets with decorative bookends . There are many fresh, modern and even quirky options that you'll love. We promise that your books (and by books, we mean files, manuals and folders filled with an endless amount of paperwork) will look much better held by a beautiful object.

Plus, we encourage you to swap your boring mug for one with more personality . You know you'll have a half-full coffee mug on your desk at all times, so instead of using the company mug, keep your caffeine on point with something that suits your style better.

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Finally, even if the rest of your desk is plain, a colourful pen will make your work much more fun. don't you think? Remember when you used to go to school and get out your coloured pens to take notes or write notes with little hearts on them for one of your classmates. You can relive that feeling every day by using some pens that make you smile.

The finishing touches to make a difference in your workplace

We can give you many decorative tips, but in the end, the most important thing is this: make your space your own.

Use picture frames, plants, decorative cup holders or even a lamp you like. Having your workplace personalised will make you feel more engaged with your team and increase your productivity by up to 32%.

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Also, remember to take advantage of windows and plants to give yourself fresh air and a sense of freedom. But don't have a window? bring nature to you! Having images of landscapes, flowers and plants around you will help you recover from demanding activities and reduce your stress levels.

And finally, another tip: take care of the details . Try some of these ideas without getting too complicated:

- Fun mouse pads: Most of the time, mouse pads tend to be boring, or very boring. Opt to buy a custom-made mouse pad to brighten up your workplace. They can be with images of your favourite TV shows, movies or musicians.

- Depending on the lighting in your home, you may need a desk lamp. A lamp can add a great atmosphere to your workspace. But instead of opting for the more traditional commercial looking ones, why not choose something more homely?

- Finally, if you have a large space, consider a comfy sofa or divan - a perfect option when you want to step away from your desk to take a nap, relax or catch up on some journal reading.

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