Find the perfect plant for dimly lit spaces

If taking care of plants is not your strong point, or you simply don't have much time to devote to them, in this article you will find indoor plants that need little light and little care. With a little soil, water and a lot of love, your house will look like a real garden... even if it has little light!

Luckily there are many varieties that are able to live with just a little light and some basic care.

Plants that need little light and fill your home with life

One of the keys when choosing your plant is that its size should be adapted to the place where it will be placed.

In a dimly lit interior space, vegetation is essential to fill it with life. Here are some of the best known and most popular:

  • Poto - one of the most common plants due to its easy maintenance and extreme hardiness. This simple and versatile looking species offers a variety of possibilities: hanging from the ceiling, decorating a shelf, guided upwards or left to grow freely. have fun giving it different shapes to achieve incredible results! Poto requires moderately bright environments, but never direct light.
  • Zamimoculcas - The third great choice for decorating dimly lit indoor spaces is the exotic and super hardy Zamioculcas or Raven Plant. It is noted for its hardiness and low care requirements. To thrive, it prefers semi-shaded areas, as the sun can burn its leaves. As for its need for water, it is sufficient to water when the soil is dry.

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small, dimly lit spaces? these three plants are a safe bet!

  • Ferns - Ferns will enhance any nook and cranny and will easily adapt to dimly lit areas. They also love moisture, so they're great for the kitchen or bathroom. Take a look at the fern varieties we have in our shop, the Boston Fern and the Culantrillo Fern.
  • Chinese Money Plant - The curiously shaped leaves of this plant look like coins. Pilea peperomioides isa very pretty and easy to care for plant. Its small size makes it ideal for any small space, and it doesn't need much light either. In addition, this plant is said to attract good luck.
  • aloe vera - The Aloe Vera plant is something like the Holy Grail of the plant kingdom. As well as being a true all-rounder, capable of adapting to both sunny and shady spaces, it has many beneficial health properties: it improves air quality and helps you to fall asleep.

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Floral plants for dimly lit interiors: a touch of colour and originality!

  • Peace lily - One of the most popular houseplants, thanks to its easy cultivation and delicate white flowers is the spathiphyllum, popularly known as the "Peace lily". This plant needs some light to flourish, but never direct light. It also absorbs some of the most common pollutants, such as formaldehyde and carbon dioxide, making it ideal for purifying the air.
  • Bromeliads - Another great idea for bringing cheer and colour to less well-lit areas of your home are bromeliads. This plant turns purple at the top as it grows and is perfect as a centrepiece for tables, furniture and shelves.

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Indoor plants for dimly lit spaces that will transport you to exotic corners

do you know how to transport yourself to faraway places without leaving your living room? With a little imagination and the help of these plants, you can do it effortlessly!

  • Sansevieria - Also called St. George's sword because of the shape of its leaves, this exotic plant is another perfect choice. Its nature allows it to grow with little water and in low light spaces. A good quality substrate and not too abundant watering will be enough for its correct growth.
  • Cactus - Finally, we could not finish without mentioning the hardy plant par excellence. Originating from deserts and areas with the most extreme conditions on the planet, the infinite varieties of cacti will be your best allies when it comes to decorating your home. Take a look at our Candelabra Tree, a big cactus with a lot of attitude!

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As you can see, it's easy to fill your home with light and colour with plants that adapt easily to dimly lit spaces. let your imagination run wild and create unique environments full of nature!

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