Flowering houseplants

Having plants indoors has become a necessity. Motivated by studies that prove that many plants have air-purifying properties, while others are great for attracting good energies, or simply because we have discovered that they are great for livening up spaces, we all love a bit of green in our lives.

If your main motivation for having plants is aesthetic, you should know that there are many species of flowering houseplants ready to grace your home with their colours and shapes. Far from what you may think, they are not difficult to care for and you don't need to be an expert to make them bloom. Read on, and we'll tell you which species are the most beautiful and easiest to care for.

The prettiest flowering houseplants

African Violet:

If you are looking for a houseplant with flowers in a variety of colours that is easy to care for, the African violet is one of your best options. It requires little space and is very grateful. It is a perennial, so it will have leaves and flowers all year round, although peak flowering occurs during the summer. There can be a rest period of about 6 weeks between blooms.

Although it is very tolerant of low light, if you want it to flower at its best it will require at least 10 hours of indirect sun a day. Water abundantly in summer, but little in winter. It can grow in any substrate that maintains a constant light humidity, such as enriched peat.

Peace lily:

Produces a white, veil-shaped flower, it is very similar to the anthurium. Its glossy, abundant green leaves contrast nicely with the delicate, minimalist beauty of its flowers. This plant requires little sunlight to grow and flowers all year round. It can be kept in a well-lit location, as long as it does not receive direct sunlight.

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Blue Orchid
€59.00 €53.10
Delicate and purifying
Monstera Deliciosa
€54.00 €48.60
Adapts to any environment

It prefers medium moisture substrates, especially in summer. Spraying the leaves from time to time will do it a lot of good, especially if the environment is dry due to air conditioning or heating. This plant also purifies the air you breathe and improves the humidity levels in the room.

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White Orchid
Delicate and purifying
Resistant and for beginners

Christ's thorn:

This is an almost immortal plant, which can withstand drought very well and has flowers all year round. If planted in the ground, it can grow to over one and a half metres tall. It prefers warm climates and well-lit spaces. As for the substrate, you can mix it with sand, the most important thing is that it has excellent drainage, as its worst enemy is excess humidity, as this easily affects the roots and causes rotting. For this same reason you should never leave stagnant water in the lower tray.


Geraniums have pretty flowers in clusters and you can get them in a variety of colours. They are popular outdoors, but it is possible to have them indoors as they are hardy to almost any temperature as long as they are kept in a well-lit space and away from heating, which can rob them of too much moisture.

As long as it has light, the geranium will produce flowers. It is very easy to propagate with cuttings and will look beautiful and very abundant with its rounded leaves. They require frequent watering in summer and spring, decreasing in frequency in winter.


This succulent species produces multiple flowers of beautiful and varied colours. The species kalanchoe blossfeldiana has flowers with double petals that look exquisite, in colours ranging from red through salmon, yellow and violet. It starts flowering in late winter and stays in bloom until early spring. It requires very good lighting and medium watering, it tolerates drought well.

The substrate must have very good drainage and aeration, as they are prone to waterlogging and rotting. As good succulents, they are easy to look after. If you want to keep it flowering, remember to cut the flower stalks as they dry out, to stimulate growth. You'll know it's well cared for when it starts giving you flowers almost all year round.

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Areca Palm
€79.00 €71.10
Tropical and hardy
Bird of Paradise
Decorative and resistant


Begonias will steal your breath away with their overlapping petals and beautiful colours. Their flowers begin to show in March and will remain until December, provided they receive proper care. They require large amounts of indirect sunlight.

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Calathea orbifolia
An exotic Calathea
€99.00 €89.10
Purifying and resistant

As for watering, you must be careful and do so sparingly as they are prone to waterlogging. The substrate can be peat and some other component that facilitates drainage, such as river sand.

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