From the shadows: 8 plants that do not need light

Whether it is because you live in a big city or because you have been given a flat whose windows overlook another building, having little light may put you off the idea of having plants in the house. This doesn't have to be the case as there are plenty of indoor plants that need little light.

Tips for keeping plants that don't need sunlight

Low light plants usually come from places such as jungles, where there can be a lot of humidity, but because of the large number of tall trees they do not receive direct sunlight and have adapted to this environmental condition. For this reason it is common to find within this category indoor tropical plants, with beautiful colours or abundant foliage.

Remember that many of the plants that do not need sunlight, although they prefer humid environments, can be susceptible to root rot if overwatered. Remember that you do not have direct sunlight, which contributes to water evaporation, so water only when the soil is dry and maintain moisture by spraying the leaves, unless otherwise instructed.

Plants that require low light


There are hundreds of varieties of bromeliads. This tropical indoor plant, which is a close relative of the pineapple, can have different colour accents, different leaves and different requirements. They are perfect for indoors and look great wherever you choose to put them, as long as they do not receive direct sunlight, which burns their leaves. Prefer indirect light or fluorescent lights. A trick to distinguish the bromeliads that live best in the shade: they tend to have thornless leaves, unlike the varieties that prefer direct sunlight.

Lemon Dracaena

Dracaena is a hardy plant and very easy to maintain, which makes it perfect for corridors and places where there is a lot of foot traffic. It looks like a small tree and reaches a certain height, making it a very common plant in communal spaces in offices and residential buildings. Although it is one of the plants that grows in bright indirect light, it can adapt very well to indoor living in low to medium light. Some people use it as an ornamental element in shaded outdoor spaces, as it can be considered as one of the outdoor plants that do not need sun.

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Dumb Cane

This plant is beautiful, has striking leaves and will look perfect in any corner of your home or office. However, be careful with it if you have small children or pets at home, as there are parts of the plant that are toxic and can cause allergic reactions. In fact, it gets its name because the sap, when consumed, inflames the mouth and throat, to the point of making speech impossible. Dieffenbachia does very well in low light or indirect light.


Potos is one of the most popular low light houseplants. This is because it is very hardy, requires little care and reproduces very easily. This plant does not need direct sunlight and can adapt to almost any conditions. In fact it can live in both soil and water. It grows fast and you can let its stems droop to give it a nice hanging effect. Remember that if it turns too yellow, it is getting too much indirect light.

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Mother-in-law's Tongue

Also known as sansevieria or St. George's sword, this plant is perfect for beginners. Considered by many to be one of the outdoor plants that need little light, mother-in-law's tongue is so versatile that it can be grown in almost any space. This succulent species will spread its beautiful leaves wherever you want to place it, requires little watering and is on the list of air-purifying plants. Because it grows vertically, it can be used as a decorative element to add height to a space.

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Peace flower

Native to the rainforests of America, this is one of the low light plants that may require indirect lighting to produce the most flowers, but will continue to grow and thrive indoors. It grows easily and will grace any space with its glossy, deep green leaves. Believe it or not, the beautiful white flowers are actually a modified protective leaf growing around the yellow flower.

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Prayer flower

These plants get their name because at nightfall, the leaves of this plant are gathered and look like folded hands, ready to pray. The prayer flower or maranta is a very popular plant for interior decoration because of its colours and oval shape. While it is easy to care for and maintain, you should pay attention to watering to avoid over-watering. If you ever notice that its leaves are gathered and do not return to their normal position during the day, it means that it is in a very dark place. If you expose it to indirect light, it will return to normal.

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Culantrillo fern

There are many varieties of ferns and if you like the whimsical shapes of these plants and dream of having them inside your home, the culantrillo fern is ideal. It has beautiful, small, abundant, drooping leaves that resemble a human scalp. You can keep it in the shade, as long as you maintain its moisture requirement. A trick to keep it perfect: water it with distilled water to keep it looking its best.

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