Why giving plants as gifts is cool

Giving plants as a gift is really cool

- They adapt to any situation. It doesn't matter if it's a birthday, the birth of a baby, someone who has just moved into a new flat... there are plants that are perfect for any occasion and personality. Some gifts are very intimate, others very impersonal. Plants are somewhere in the middle, so they can be the perfect gift for your boss or your partner.

- It's customisable. There's a plant for every personality and lifestyle. do you have a friend who travels a lot and is always busy? A sansevieria is perfect, as it is almost immortal. do you know someone with an eccentric and fun personality? A Tricolour Marantha would suit her very well. that trendy friend who is always taking pictures? She needs a Delicious Monstera. But don't limit yourself to just the plant. You can also choose a decorative pot that reflects the person's tastes.

- They have a symbolic charge. Plants have meanings, just like flowers. For example, a jade plant is considered good luck and is very long-lived, so it is often given as a gift to newlyweds. Hoya plants are heart-shaped, which is why they are given as Valentine's Day gifts. Sansevierias are very resilient, so they make good gifts for strong and lasting friendships.

- They are good for your health. Humans have positive reactions to all things natural. Green plants make us feel happier, reduce stress levels and increase productivity. As if that were not enough, people bond with plants and caring for them, watering them and watching them grow has a positive impact on mental and physical health. There are also purifying plants that improve the quality of the air you breathe.

- They are long-lived. Floral arrangements have their charm, but it is also true that they are ephemeral. In a few days they will end up in the trash, but plants have a much longer life span (especially if they are properly cared for), so they will be a living reminder of the occasion and the person who gave them as a gift.

- They are environmentally friendly. The vast majority of items you give as gifts tend to go in the trash after their lifespan has passed, contributing to the problem of pollution. Plants, on the other hand, purify the air, are sustainable and biodegradable.

The perfect plants to give as gifts

Plants are very versatile gifts, but not all plants are suitable for everyone. For example, you shouldn't give a fussy orchid to someone who is just starting out in the world of plants. The best choices will always be those plants that are easy to care for, that can become a green companion rather than a problem. Some of the ones we suggest to give as a gift are:

- Olive tree; olive trees are Mediterranean plants, very easy to care for and slow growing. Olive trees have a beautiful shape and symbolise peace and triumph. In fact, giving an olive tree as a gift can be interpreted as a gesture of reconciliation.

- Ficus: Ficus trees are great for those who like lush and beautiful plants, plus it's such an easy to care for purifying plant that you'll want one for yourself too.

- Snake Plant: This is one of those pampered plants because it practically takes care of itself. It survives wherever you put it and is so feisty that it's perfect for symbolising strong, eternal relationships.

- Raven plant: Zamioculcas are great houseplants that need little watering and will grow beautifully even if you don't take too much care of them. On top of that, they are very powerful purifiers.

- Chinese Money Plant: This is the quintessential gift plant for wishing prosperity and abundance. They say it works best if it is a bud from a friend's plant, so you can buy one for yourself and give buds to all your friends.

- Jade: Jade is a typical wedding gift, as it is a long-lived plant that attracts prosperity and good luck. It is said that jade can survive several generations, so it can be in families for many years, symbolising the transcendence of the family legacy.

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