Plants that are good luck to have at home

Today we want to talk about these varieties which, in addition to well-being and beauty in the home, also bring us luck. do you want to know what they are?

why do some plants bring good luck?

For many cultures and beliefs, the environment in which we live has a decisive influence on us both physically and mentally. Nowadays, numerous scientific studies also point to the direct relationship between the enclosed places in which we spend our time and the appearance of anxiety, stress or depression.

According to feng shui, the plants that surround us have the ability to create a state of harmony and serenity around us thanks to their ability to attract good luck.

This makes us feel better, our creative potential increases and we are happier, thanks to the increased levels of oxytocin and serotonin (also called happiness hormones), which plants produce in us.

Each species has its own different characteristics, which have different effects on the body and mind. For this reason, we should place certain types of plants in the places where we live so that they fill us with positive energy.

These are some of the plants that bring good luck and should always be present in our homes

  • Cactus

This plant has the property of absorbing toxic particles in the home. That is why it is perfect to place it in places like the bathroom or the kitchen as it will absorb bad smells, fumes, or toxic substances that can accumulate in these places.

  • Bonsai

The presence of Bonsais at home is beneficial for sick people. If you also choose an orange tree Bonsai, you will attract fortune as these fruits are a symbol of abundance due to their many nutritional and medicinal properties.

  • Bamboo

Bamboo is undoubtedly the "miracle" plant of Asian culture. Its presence in the home attracts good luck, money and family harmony. Placed outdoors, the rustling of its stems as they move will have an effective calming effect that will help you fall asleep.

  • Sanservieria

This plant eliminates toxins that gradually accumulate indoors. It also releases oxygen at night, while you sleep. And this plant is said to attract good luck and remove negative energies from the environment.

Plants for love, work or money

All living beings are "designed" to live in natural spaces. However, the demands of today's world lead us to spend a large part of our time in enclosed, small spaces.

Evolution and progress have meant that we are gradually forgetting our more natural side. This reality is more evident in big cities, where we can spend days and days without enjoying the sunlight or feeling the fresh air on our faces. Although we may not be aware of it, these bad habits have a big influence on our mood and our performance at work.

Luckily, our friends the plants once again come to our aid, bringing health and fortune, as well as beauty, into our lives. here are some of the plants that will bring you health, money and love!

Plants for money and prosperity

  • Chinese Money Plant

This small, easy to care for plant is highly recommended. It is very hardy and small in size, so it adapts to all kinds of corners. Its presence in the home is a talisman to attract money.

  • Jade plant

Another of the plants that bring luck when it comes to attracting fortune to the home is the jade tree, also known as the money plant. Its presence in the home is recommended to attract good luck, fortune and friendship. Its juicy, round, coin-shaped leaves only need occasional watering. They adapt easily to outdoors or indoors, and even to places with little light.

Plants to attract love

  • Peonies

These beautiful, delicate and romantic flowers, in addition to decorating and enhancing all kinds of environments with their beauty, are the bearers of love and happiness. That is why the peony is one of the favourite flowers for brides when creating their bouquets. Placed in the centre of the main room, they will spread their good vibrations throughout the house.

  • Anthurium

This plant, besides being one of the most powerful air purifiers in existence, is a real magnet to foster love and intense, true relationships.

  • Love plant

This splendid plant is one of the most typical Hawaiian varieties. As an outdoor plant, it will produce spikes of multi-coloured flowers. Grown as an indoor plant, the flowers will disappear, but the colour of the leaves will become more intense. On the island of Hawaii, the inhabitants place them around their homes to attract peace and marital harmony.

Plants for a good working environment

  • Peppermint

Peppermint belongs to the group of aromatic plants with a multitude of properties. One of them is to attract work and fortune.

  • Zamioculcas

This plant has a great power to clean the air of harmful particles such as toluene and xylene, highly toxic substances found in chemical cleaners, or in the varnishes of household furniture. It is ideal for the workplace because it requires little care. It is also said to attract good luck.

Say goodbye to stress, negative energy and depressive states. eliminate bad vibes and surround yourself with wellness and health with these plants that are good luck to have at home!
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