How to decorate your bathroom with plants

There are different reasons why a person would consider putting plants in their bathroom. You may have seen these beautiful pictures of bathrooms full of ferns and tropical plants, so you may be dreaming of transforming your bathroom into a little spa, where you can feel surrounded by nature and take advantage of the relaxing properties of plants. You may also be looking for the perfect place to put certain plants that aren't doing so well in other areas of your home, or your love of collecting plants has gone a little too far and you no longer have room for them.

Regardless of the cause, the bathroom has some very particular environmental characteristics that make it the ideal place for certain species of plants to grow and develop to their full potential. Today we will give you some tips on how to incorporate plants into your bathroom decoration and create a unique place that invites self-care and relaxation.

Choose the best plants for decorating the bathroom

- Look for plants that prefer the high humidity conditions of the bathroom. Ferns are a typical species to have in this space, in addition to potos which are another ideal species to decorate the bathroom. Ferns are the preferred plants for bathrooms, as they become beautiful and lush with humidity, they prefer shade and there are different types, so you will find the perfect one for your bathroom, no matter the size.

- According to Feng Shui, a lot of positive energy, especially that related to prosperity, literally goes down the toilet. To avoid this, you should always keep the lid down and you can balance the leakage by placing a pilea, which is known for its properties to attract good luck and fortune.

- Bathrooms are often more or less enclosed spaces, with little natural light. Think about this when choosing a plant. Choose species that prefer to live in the shade and place it near mirrors to magnify the light it receives. You can buy a sansevieria or a zamioculca, both of which require little light and will help to purify the air.

- want flowers? Consider getting a prayer flower, as the prayer flower is much easier to maintain than most flowering plants.

Tips for decorating the bathroom with plants

- Consider the size of the space. If your bathroom is small, avoid putting in a giant plant and if it is very large, having a plant that is too small will lose its effect. You can look for small plants for the countertop or shelf and, if you have space, put larger ones on the floor.

- Play with height and spacing. Simple options include placing a small, low plant in front of the mirror, for example an African violet, and a Brazilian trunk in a pot on the floor; you could also go one step further with hanging plants in corners and on high ceilings.

- Use shelves. Shelves and shelves are perfect places to install plants. A potted plant hanging from a shelf is a lovely touch. Vines and other small plants that grow with a little drape add flow to the space.

- Hanging plants. Hang Boston ferns and other drooping plants at different heights. You can use the shower curtain rod, if you have one, or use a hook on the ceiling. You could also use shelves and other shelves for floating planters.

- Don't be afraid to go a little overboard. If you want to give your bathroom a more boho-natural feel, you can fill it with a large plant that becomes the star of the space. An Adam's rib, for example, would look magnificent; even a fiddle leaf fig tree. Allow a corner to be transformed into a small jungle, the trick is to leave other corners without plants. These visual "silences" will balance out the excess.

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