How to water your plants on holiday

How to water your indoor and outdoor plants while on holiday

The most practical way to keep the plants on your terrace or in your garden hydrated is to install an automatic watering system, provided you have a tap to connect it to. You can choose a sprinkling, diffusion or drip device. You don't have to complicate your life: simply connect a battery-operated timer with a built-in solenoid valve to the tap and the watering will take place at the indicated times.

As you can see, watering your outdoor plants when you are away from home is not complicated at all. The problem is with indoor plants. Although, in principle, it would also be possible to install an automatic watering system, you probably don't want to see your living room full of pipes and containers. but don't panic! Here are 3 practical options for watering your houseplants without having to ask your neighbours for a favour:

Self-watering pots

This type of container is equipped with a reservoir, fitted with tall, thin tubes. From this reservoir, which works by capillary action (liquids can reach different heights depending on the thickness of the tubes: the thinner the capillary tube, the higher the liquid reaches), the plant regularly receives the water it needs. the only thing you have to do before going on holiday is to check that the tank is full!

In general, this type of reservoir can usually supply water for a week to a month and a half, depending on the size of the container and the ambient temperature, among other variables. So that you can always check the water level, they have a floating device that rises and falls as the water is consumed. Check the level regularly and do not wait until the tank is completely empty before refilling it. It is also not advisable to exceed the maximum level, as this will cause the water to overflow and drown the roots.

To ensure good drainage and avoid excess humidity, a good solution is to place a handful of gravel at the bottom of the container before adding the substrate.

Self-watering pots are highly recommended to keep your plants well hydrated 365 days a year. You can also find them in a multitude of attractive and decorative designs, which not only enhance their beauty but also add a personal touch to your living room.

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Clay cones

This type of device has a thread to which the nozzle of a water bottle is attached. The cone is then buried in the substrate and the bottle is inverted. The micro-porosity of the clay will allow the water to flow out and be distributed throughout the soil in a dosed manner. A two-litre bottle is usually enough to keep the plant moist for about 15 days. Depending on the greater or lesser porosity of the cone, the water will take more or less time to run out.

There are different versions of this method: the bottle can be replaced by a series of plastic tubes that are inserted into a container with water. Care should be taken to fill the cone with water to purge the air out of it before sticking it in the ground. Also make sure that the water container is at a slightly lower level than the cone to prevent the liquid from spilling out due to gravity.

with this really simple and economical method, you will be able to keep your plants perfectly watered while you are away!

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Gelled water

The principle of watering with gelled water is as follows: a substance that has the property of absorbing and retaining a large quantity of liquid is placed in a container. When hydrated, the substance takes on a gelatinous consistency. Once the container is opened, it is placed in contact with the soil and the liquid inside hydrates the plant. Another version of the same system consists of burying the container in the ground, in an inverted position. In any case, the most common and simple method is: open, turn the screw and place the gelled water in contact with the soil.

With this system, and depending on the degree of humidity of the substrate, it is possible to maintain the humidity of the soil for up to two weeks. In any case, the ideal is not to fall short and to place at least a couple of containers per pot.

Another version, very attractive and decorative, are the coloured or transparent gel balls, which can be placed in pots or vases with flowers. They are bought dry in sachets and just pour them into a container and add water to give them a gel-like consistency.

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We hope these useful tips will help you to fully enjoy your relaxing days, safe in the knowledge that when you return, you will find your favourite plants as beautiful and healthy as you left them. happy holidays!

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