Ideas for creating a vertical garden with pallets

Vertical gardens are the answer to the urban problem of lack of space. When you don't have the possibility of having a garden to grow plants, the answer is to take advantage of vertical space. With a little work and creativity, a wall can become a little piece of jungle: shelves, planters and green walls can be created using a variety of materials. If you are a bit of a handyman and you like the idea of making something to have all the plants you want, take a look at these ideas for creating a vertical garden with pallets.

what plants to use in vertical gardens with pallets?

The type of plant to use will depend on the type of garden you are going to make. If you prefer those made with weed-proof fabric or similar, you should look for plants that require a loose and ventilated substrate, as well as slow or controlled growth and shallow roots. You can use succulents, petunias, aromatic plants and others with small foliage.

If you will be using pots, then you will not be so limited with the type of plants, because you will be able to use the right substrate in each pot; however, it is recommended that some plants have a certain droop; this will make it look more aesthetic, although it is not essential. There are those who dedicate their vertical gardens to succulents, others to flowering plants and there are those who have a small vegetable garden with aromatic plants. The decision is up to you and the environmental conditions of your space, as this type of medium is very versatile.

Vertical gardens with pallets

The first step is to prepare the pallets you will use for the job. If you like a more rustic look, you can leave them as they are; although if you prefer, you can sand and seal the wood with varnish. This will give them a neater look, but can also prolong their lifespan. That done, it's time to get down to work.

  • Make use of the holes

With this method you don't need pots for your plants, but you will plant them directly in the pallet, letting them come out through the holes in the pallet. After preparing the pallet to your liking, use geotextile mesh (or anti-weed fabric) to create pockets where you will plant the plants. Use an upholstery stapler to attach the fabric or mesh to the back, just at the bottom of each plank to give the plants room to grow.

  • Hanging planters

If you want to preserve the feeling of pots, as well as having the freedom to change and move your plants around, you can use planters. Install the pallet on the wall and attach brackets to hold the pots in the material you like best. You can use all the same pots, vary the colour or finish.

  • Pallet planters

The look is similar to the hanging pots, but instead of using pots and clamps, you make the pots with other pallets. They look great because they are made from the same material and look very cohesive.

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