Full light: Medium to bright light plants

Lighting is one of those aspects that you need to take into account when buying a plant to decorate your space, as choosing the right species that suits the lighting conditions can make a big difference to the way that plant grows and develops. If you are in a place with large windows, full of natural light, then you need one of these medium to bright light plants.

The importance of natural light

All plants need light to photosynthesise, the process by which they synthesise their own food. The amount of light required depends on the characteristics of each species, but be aware that not all light sources are the same. It is always preferable to expose plants to natural light, as it is much more intense than artificial light. On a sunny day the average brightness can be around 100,000 lux, while inside a well-lit building it is around 500 lux.

Plants that require medium to bright light need to be in bright spaces, hopefully close to windows and natural light sources, even if only a few hours a day. This will allow them to grow properly, and while it is true that many plants can adapt to a lack of light, in other species it is essential for them to continue living.

Location: locating your plants

There is one important detail: although medium to bright light plants will grow much healthier and happier in natural light, this does not mean that you should leave them exposed to direct sunlight unless you are told to do so. Direct sunlight can damage some plants, especially indoor plants, which tend to be native to tropical forests and jungles, where they are protected by large trees that cover them from the harsh sun's rays but allow light to pass through.

You should be careful during the summer months, as the location of the planet earth means that the sun's rays have a vertical incidence, so they are much more intense and can damage your plants. You should also be aware that the sun is much stronger at midday. You should also keep an eye on the position of the windows, as in Spain, due to its location, south-facing windows tend to be much brighter.

If you want to have one of these medium-light plants but feel that your house is a bit dark, you could make some changes to the space, as the colours you use in the decoration and walls can influence the reflection of light. Prefer white or light coloured walls and furniture, also mirrored and glass surfaces help you to improve the amount of light in a space.

Some medium to bright light plants

There are many houseplants that will be happy in well-lit rooms, although there are a few that won't bother if there isn't as much light in the way. Here's a list of the most popular ones, but you can search for one that suits all the criteria and needs you have in mind using our super-detailed search engine, which will allow you to choose plants according to size, light requirement, level of care and other parameters.

  • Fiddle leaf fig

This beautiful plant with large, glossy leaves and purifying properties loves direct light. With the right pot it can grow up to two metres tall, so it's quite a lush spectacle. The best part is that it is easy to care for, requiring only watering a couple of times a week and occasional spraying of the leaves.

  • olive Tree

I love olive trees because they look so tousled and free, but what I love most is their symbolism, as they are offerings of peace and prosperity. They love bright light and are the kind that withstand (and appreciate) direct exposure to the sun's rays. It requires weekly watering and little care.

Calathea Lancifolia

This is another plant capable of purifying the air of toxins and improving humidity levels, as well as being very pretty and eye-catching, with its lance-shaped, two-toned leaves. It has a wonderful tropical feel, it is pet safe and its leaves are very unique in that they react to the presence or lack of ambient light. When there is little light, they fold on themselves and make a characteristic sound. It likes indirect light and should be watered a couple of times a week.

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