Incense, a fragrance for your well-being

We can use scents to trigger specific responses. For example, to promote relaxation, help us sleep more effectively, improve concentration, stimulate creativity, increase motivation or enhance sexual desire.

Incense also implies a number of religious, aesthetic or practical reasons, although each of us can use it as we see fit.

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The attributes and uses of incense are varied. Learn more about its benefits or even which fragrance suits you best depending on the occasion and purpose.

Purify the air in your home with revitalising fragrances

The air in our home can be contaminated with bacteria. That is why it is important to have plants, which are responsible for cleaning the air. If you add purifying incense to this, you can keep your health longer and more stable in your home.

For example, there are certain flower-based ingredients in incense that have antibacterial properties.

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In addition, incense is an easy, quick and affordable way to cover unwanted household odours, such as those coming from cooking, pets, damp clothes, etc....

The most beneficial scents for purifying the air in your home are Indian incense scents that have cedar, myrrh or citrus fragrances. These scents will clean the air in your home, leaving a fresh scent in your home.

3, 2, 1... Relax

This is the plan we have for you: light some incense, lie down on the sofa with a cup of tea, a book and the relaxing music you like the most. Prepare a bubble bath, soft candlelight and a stick of incense. Gentle fragrances will further enhance this time of rest and relaxation, allowing you to unwind from the hassles of everyday life.

In this case, we recommend light and subtle fragrances, such as sandalwood, a calming fragrance ideal for entering into a state of absolute relaxation.

Reduce stress and anxiety

To reduce anxiety, we must also reduce bodily activities, such as those involving heart rate and accelerated breathing. To this, we must add a mental cleansing where we put aside our worries. To facilitate this path of peace of mind, it is advisable to use Indian incense or Japanese incense with mild fragrances. One of the best is sandalwood, although it is also highly recommended to use lavender or rosemary scented incense.

Enter meditation through the front door

Incense is widely used in many spiritual practices, whether to deepen mindfulness, heighten the senses or uplift one's spirit. Traditionally, the passage of time for meditations was also measured by burning incense sticks of a certain length.

In terms of fragrances, lotus is the most commonly used for meditation, as it helps to transport you to the place where you need to be, without taking over your thoughts.

The medicinal effects of incense

As an alternative to taking medication, non-pharmacological methods of increasing brain serotonin can be very effective, including, of course, frankincense.

The effect of pleasant aromas generated from incense sticks has been shown to increase serotonin in the brain. And this not only improves mood, but does so without side effects or danger of addiction.

As you may know, serotonin is considered a natural mood stabiliser and aids sleep, eating and digestion. It is also useful in reducing depression, regulating anxiety and reducing headaches. In short, serotonin helps you and frankincense keeps it flowing.

The scent of rose is at the top of our list of recommendations to generate this medicinal effect in you.

The spirituality of incense

Incense is and has been, for thousands of years, a tool of daily use in many world religions: Hinduism, Buddhism and even Christianity.

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It is said that burning incense can act as a gateway to spirituality. So if you want to connect with other ways of understanding reality, we recommend that you use this ancient element.

In addition, Hindu incense is said to attract good karma. So, even if it is informal, we invite you to take a stick of incense and light it as an offering to nature. A simple way of doing something, with no expectation of return. An act of generosity and liberation.

On the other hand, incense is also a good accompaniment to yoga, as it helps to focus the mind and prepare the body, creating the right aromatic atmosphere.

When doing this healthy activity, which can range from energetic to relaxing and meditative, surround yourself with aromas that help you focus on you.

Japanese incense for your creativity and concentration

Aloe wood-based incense is known to have the ability to enhance one's abilities, stimulate ideas and improve mental performance. Lemongrass, citrus scents, geranium and ylang-ylang can also have the same effect.

In addition, burning aloe incense when working or studying can help you to increase your concentration and avoid intrusive thoughts that distract you.

The fragrances of Japanese frankincense have a subtle effect on the mind and body, making them perfect companions for working, studying or engaging in an activity that requires our full attention.

Stimulate your sex drive

Fragrances such as jasmine, vanilla and rose are ideal for sparking sensual moments, as the mind is a powerful thing that is easily activated by these aphrodisiac scents. Finally, experiment with the scent of cinnamon to boost passion in the most intense moments.

Aromas to help you fall asleep

Insomnia is a growing affliction, especially in our modern society, always so active, full of non-stop activities. That's why we recommend you choose natural options to help you sleep better. Lavender and chamomile, for example, are ideal fragrances for this purpose.

Personal growth with incense scents

Scents trigger meaningful responses in our brains. They can also instantly remind us of past experiences, people we were disconnected from or emotions we didn't know we had stored up.

Therefore, incense fragrances are ideal for transporting us to places and memories to learn about ourselves and others.

Indian incense and Japanese incense

India is the land of incense. Wherever you go, be it homes, temples or markets, you will find burning Indian incense, ranging in aroma from earthy and spicy to sweet and resinous, from traditional temple scents to hard-to-find varieties.

Indian incense is usually an affordable, high-yielding stick. When purchasing it, it is important to make sure that it contains quality natural ingredients and above all, no chemicals.

On the other hand, incense burning in Japan began during the 6th century with the introduction of Buddhism, which uses incense during rituals and ceremonies. Agarwood was imported to Japan from China via Korea. From that time on, incense was an indispensable part of Japanese culture.

There are two main types of incense in Japan: small pieces of aromatic wood to burn without a flame or direct-burning incense in the form of sticks or cones, formed from paste without the bamboo stick.

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Traditionally, Japanese incense sticks were made from different types of aromatic wood. The unique aromas, ranging from bitter and sweet to salty and sour, are what distinguish Japanese incense sticks from others.

In general, the aromatic materials used to make incense are typically of plant origin and may include a variety of resins, barks, seeds, roots and flowers.

We recommend that you choose several incenses and experiment with them, depending on the situation you need to improve: increase your concentration, enhance your passion or relax. Every moment has its ideal incense.

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