Maintenance-free houseplants

Adulthood makes us dream of everyday life in impossible circumstances: to have money without working, to love without crying, to have an impeccable flat without having to clean and to enjoy beautiful plants that require no maintenance. Of all the above, the easiest to achieve is the last one, as there are houseplants that require virtually no care.

It is important to stress that ALL plants require some attention. Some are more demanding than others, such as the Fittonias that dramatically faint when you fail to water them on the schedule they impose on you, while others are a little more relaxed and flexible. What varies is the frequency and intensity of care, but they should always be watered and placed in the right place. They are living things that depend on you, so give them a little love from time to time.

Plants that need almost no maintenance

  • Tillandsias

Air plants are great for forgetful, careless or busy people. They don't require fertiliser, watering or potting because they don't need soil to grow. Just place them in a spot with plenty of indirect light and spray them with water once a week.

  • Sansevieria

I have always said that the Sansevieria or Snake Plant takes care of itself and takes care of its owner, because it is a powerful purifying plant. It withstands direct sun, low light, lack of watering and adverse conditions and if it could, it would water itself. Its only weak point is overwatering and a poorly drained substrate. Otherwise it is almost immortal.

  • Lucky Bamboo

Those little plants they sell to improve the chi of your home, almost always in a container with coloured pebbles and water, are not bamboos but a kind of dracaena; that is to say they are related to the lemon dracaena. They just need a well lit place where they don't get direct sun and keep their container with enough water and they will continue to grow green and happy.

  • Tradescantia

Tradescantia is beautiful, with purple leaves, sometimes with light coloured lines. They produce beautiful pink flowers and hang down from the pot, so they are great for playing with the height of the space. It withstands drought, low light and reproduces very easily.

  • aloe Vera

All grandmothers know that the crystal that rests in the heart of the aloe vera stalks can heal even a broken heart. The best thing is that not only does it have hundreds of properties and uses, but it is also very easy to care for. If it is in a space with indirect light (although it resists shade well), a pot with enough space and you water it from time to time, it will grow beautifully.

  • Potos

The potos is a plant that should not be missing in any collection because it is very grateful and easy to take care of. Place it in a place where there is enough humidity, the kitchen or bathroom is perfect or in the company of other plants and give it some water from time to time. They are very drought resistant and will adapt to almost any light conditions as long as there is some humidity in the room.

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