Moisture absorbing plants

Maintaining a balanced humidity level in your home is essential. While dry environments make you prone to asthma, allergies, irritation and dry skin among other things, living in an excessively humid environment is just as detrimental to your health. If you're someone who lives in a space where you feel like you could be swimming in air, these moisture-absorbing plants may be just what you need.

The dangers of excessive humidity

Excessive humidity is an environment conducive to the growth and development of mites, fungal bacteria and moulds. The spores of these travel in the air, are absorbed by people and affect respiratory health, to the point of making them vulnerable to respiratory diseases such as asthma, sinusitis, allergies, as well as worsening existing conditions. In addition, humid environments also make you feel cold, affecting your joints.

The space is also affected aesthetically and structurally. First you start to get those horrible black stains in the corners that are so hard to clean, it stains the walls, cracks the paint and can even deteriorate the clothes in your wardrobe. On top of that, it smells bad and makes you feel heavy and uncomfortable.

If you have a damp problem, it's important to look for the cause, especially if it's severe and you feel it's affecting your health. But if it's a mild case, you could try a few moisture-absorbing plants. They could help you to restore the balance of your space, while purifying and improving the quality of the air you breathe.

how do these plants work?

There are plants that act as small dehumidifiers, which may seem paradoxical insofar as the vast majority of plants produce water and humidity through the transpiration of their leaves. In fact, if you live in a very dry environment you can use plants with large, broad leaves to improve humidity levels, but there are plants that have developed adaptive mechanisms that have the opposite effect.

Plants need water and light to live, that is simple and clear. But there are plant species that come from places where rainfall at certain times of the year may be less abundant, and to survive they have had to create other ways of feeding to compensate.

The leaves of such plants are able to absorb mist, water vapour and other forms of moisture from the environment through their stomata and then transport it to the roots. This type of adaptive mechanism is typical of plants from arid or tropical areas.

Anti-moisture plants to the rescue

There are a large number of plants with moisture-absorbing properties, so I have decided to narrow down the list to those that are easy to care for, easy to obtain and adapted to the particular climatic conditions of the country. These are the top moisture-absorbing plants you can get in our shop.

Boston fern:

Considered one of the most classic and popular plants of the Victorian era, the Boston fern has very elegant lines and will add an excellent tone to your decor. In addition to its dehumidifying properties and beauty, it is a purifying plant, removing pollutants from the environment.

Culantrillo Fern

This unobtrusive little fellow gives you the beauty and freshness of the fern without being too invasive. As it requires fairly high humidity levels, it will have no problem consuming all the extra that sails through your spaces. It will also help filter harmful particles from the environment and is perfect for pets and children.

Peace lily

This pretty plant with its bright green leaves and delicate flowers is very strong and powerful. Not only can it adapt to poorly lit environments, but it is able to absorb fungal spores and mould from the environment and purify the environment of chemicals such as acetone, benzene, alcohol and formaldehyde.


Calatheas are beautiful plants, with beautiful colours and unusual shapes, which gives away their clear tropical origin, which has endowed them with their hydro-regulating power. They are also capable of absorbing toxins dissolved in the air. They are very popular as a decorative element in bedrooms, as they have a perfect size and their properties make them the perfect companions for sweet dreams.

In your home, as in the rest of life, it's all about balance. Not everything is perfect, but you always have the option to make use of certain tools and elements that will help you reach your centre. It never hurts to ask for help to improve your space, so enlist a few moisture-absorbing plants to make your home an increasingly pleasant place to be.
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