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Meet Elena Páez

In this edition of Plantfluencers ' Stories we talk to Elena Páez, a graduate in Anthropology and passionate about plants and everything that surrounds them.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.....

PLANTHAE is Elena Paez and Elena Paez is PLANTHAE. I don't think they could currently coexist without each other.

"My curious nature, my love of botany and collecting botanical encyclopaedias, nineteenth-century engravings, herbariums, plants and seeds from the places I visited have made the current botanical cabinet the natural evolution of my room as a teenager. And it is with my degree in Anthropology that I managed to unite my two passions, observing plants and reflecting on the behaviour of humans in front of and around them, developing my own branch of botanical anthropology", It is from this cultural and social relationship with plants that I have developed my own branch of botanical is from this cultural and social relationship with plants that his landscaping and interior decoration projects arise, which he is currently working on, as well as botanical consultancies to our private individuals in their own homes and online these days.

In PLANTHAE, so far and pending that the situation is regularized is located in Calle Doctor Fourquet, 30 in Madrid, but we hope to move on account we can move to Calle Santa Ana, 3, metro latina, you will only find indoor plants, gardening articles, designer pots and planters that you will find in PLANTHAE.we hope that in the new shop, twice the size and located in the Rastro area, we will be able to offer a larger number of courses and workshops for adults and children on cuttings and care of houseplants. As well as book presentations and small cinema forums.

what about your Instagram account? why Maranthas, Pileas and Calatheas?

On my Instagram account "planthae" you can find tips on botanical advice, our design planters, magazines and books in our bookshop specialising in gardening, landscaping, houseplant care, as well as our favourite plants and a thousand and one gardening articles on how to care for them.

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did you know that ? - One of our favourite authors is Stefano Mancuso and after the success of his previous book "Sensibility and intelligence", he has published this wonderful essay "THE FUTURE IS VEGETAL" where he tells us everything and more about what we should learn from plants and how they manage to communicate with each other. If you like plants in your bookshop this book should not be missing - This book is also for sale at PLANTHAE and on our website. - #rinconesplanthae #plants #bookshop #botanyshop #pottery #stefanomancuso #elfuturoesvegetal #hawswateringcans

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Here we often recommend books, documentaries and advice on the environment and sustainability. In these times of confinement we are making numerous tutorials almost every day for the small and bigger of the house, the ones that are having a lot of success are especially those of cuttings and those of "plants will be seeds", we also have a special trips through the corralas, which can be seen in my stories that are working very well.

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what was it that caught your attention to get into the world of plants?

I love indoor plants, I guess I was always impressed by the plants in the greenhouses of the different botanical gardens I had the opportunity to visit. Likewise, the greenhouse at Atocha Station was always one of my favourite places when I was a child and I used to walk around there with my parents.

I've always been very "Victorian" since I was a child, I love as I said before to make my own herbariums when I went on trips to the countryside and at home I consulted gardening manuals, I also believe that the garden is the space between the private and the domestic, it is a transitional space where women were allowed to develop.

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what is your weekly plantil care routine?

More than a weekly routine, I have a daily routine. Every morning I carry out my "military" inspection of all the plants I have around the house, I spray them, I check if they have dry leaves, if they have new shoots, if they need watering, etc.

Also, as soon as I get up I always put on classic radio, I like it and it likes it. The truth is that these days when we are at home, being able to do it calmly and quietly is a good exercise to face the day. On the other hand, once a week, I take the little ones to the bathtub and give them a good shower.

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what's your favourite plant? why?

A priori all of them and none of them, I like calatheas very much, their purple underside is a marvel. Besides, I could define them as eternal survivors and because of their brave trait they always come out again.

But I really like all indoor plants, Cyccas revolutas and their crazy blooms, Alocasias and their multiple buds, Philodendrons and Monsteras always epiphytic and growing without a stem, I also love their angular leaves and their characteristic smell, Zamioculcas for their incredible resistance and their reproduction in root, stem and leaf cuttings.

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I like them all, maybe the least the cacti because they prick a lot and no matter what I do, there's always a thorn on my finger, but not if I can say this, although the truth is that their flowers are usually quite incredible

P.S. Follow Elena in her plant universe and learn from a great green hand through her Instagram or on her website.
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