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Meet Laura García

In this edition of Plantfluencers' Stories we talk to Laura García, sanitary and great lover of plants and nature.

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🥂Today we are celebrating and although it is a farewell we feel happy. Today marks the end of the #APFPL plant lovers' accompaniment plan that @inthemoodforplants organised at the beginning of the quarantine. We don't have the pleasure of meeting you in person but I'm sure that will be the next challenge we will embark on💪 From here our toast and our thanks for taking the trouble to create entertaining and intelligent content every day. You have made us think, laugh, imagine and dream with the sole intention of making these days more bearable and always with our #plants in the background. And with them we say goodbye. Thank you for everything 💚 #stayathomeplantchallenge #inthemoodplantsfamily #plantfamily . #plantaddicts #plantlovers #plantcommunity #greenheart #greenlife #greenfamily #urbanjungle #naturalplants #plantselfie #plantselfie #plantsdecor #plantsindoorplants #instaplants #plantdecor #botanicalwoman #botanicalinspiration #livingwithplants #botanicalwoman #crazyplantlady #crazygardener #cactusysucculents #plantsmakemehappy #urbanplants #urbanjungleblog #yomequedoencascasacontigo #quedateencasa

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can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

A little bit about me... My name is Laura García Palomo (if I don't put it, my mother gets angry) and I'm used to the "I cook it, I eat it". I'm from Extremadura and I've been living in Madrid for 13 years now. I came here because I needed a change, even though it meant separating from my parents.

I am a nurse and "care", as the basis of my profession, is vocational. I am cheerful and easy to laugh with.

what was it that attracted you to the world of plants?

Nature in general has always been very present in my life since I was a little girl: Sundays in the countryside, outdoor camps, summers in the village, hiking...

The hobby itself for succulents has been a late bloomer. I'm very nervous and fickle (I often start things I don't finish). For me they have been a way of channelling stress. Now that mindfulness is so fashionable, I claim plant's fulness.

Caring for plants and simply observing them has been shown to reduce stress levels and improve mood.

why succulents and cacti?

Because a priori they needed little care and adapted well to the frenetic pace of life in Madrid. A mistake that cost me a lot of trouble at the beginning and even today. Some of them are small in size, which makes them ideal for small spaces (my old 35m2 flat is proof of this).

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who doesn't have a #succulent "star"? One of ours is this #echeveriaagavoid. It's an all-rounder as long as we provide it with a well-aerated substrate, good drainage (it's very prone to root rot) and direct sun, which will make its tips acquire that pinkish hue... It's Friday 👉 and they know it... #plans for the weekend? Let's enjoy it! #cactusysucculents #caretips #stayhomewithplants..... #succulentobsessed #succulentcrazy #succulentlove #succulentrangement #instaplants #plantcollection #giveplants #plantsmakemehappy #plantaddicts #plantfamily #inspiracionbotanica #instaplants #instintoplanternal #hellouplantslady #crazyplantlady #smallmomentwithplants #plantscorner #inthemoodforplants #inthemoodplantsfamily #plantsclub #plantasdecasas #plantsexperience #greenheart #Madrid #plantfamily #encasaconplants

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You don't have to give up on plants because of space issues.

what's your favourite plant?

The million dollar question for any plant lover? Succulents are so generous.... Imagine a plant that reproduces by leaves... From each leaf a new plant grows... Wouldn't you fall in love with it? But if I have to choose, I am very fond of aloes.

what's the trick to success with succulents?

In my humble opinion and as someone who still has a lot to learn, I think patience and observation is key.

Plants are incredible and they speak to us....

In the case of succulents and in a very general way, perhaps I would highlight the importance of watering, contrary to what is thought, they need water... It is important to let the substrate dry out between watering and watering as they are very sensitive to root rot.

It is always easier to recover a dry plant than one that is over-watered.

P.S. Follow Laura in her planting universe and learn from a great green hand on her Instagram
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