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In this edition of Plantfluencers Stories we talk about Natalia Sáez and her Instagram profile In April, leaves a thousand.

can you tell us a bit about yourself and your Instagram account?

My name is Natalia and I'm an architect by training, but I'm dedicated to digital marketing ;). Four years ago I decided to start writing a blog about plant care from my experience and soon after I decided to open my Instagram profile to do it also on that channel. I always try to talk in a simple and understandable way so that everyone, regardless of their level of experience in plant care, can enter this beautiful green world without fear.

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Kentia Palm
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Calathea orbifolia
An exotic Calathea

how did you enter the world of plants?

I was born surrounded by plants. My grandmother was dedicated to them, both with her own shops and as a decorator, and my mother has always liked them a lot (and she also has a very good hand). I, however, was a textbook plant killer. I had had cactus, pothos and bamboos (the easiest ones) and they hadn't even lasted two months. One day, taking advantage of a moment of redecoration in my living room, I decided to buy some plants and try to do it right: read about them, learn about them, give them what they needed,

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Monstera Deliciosa
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Calathea Medallion
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Little by little I got hooked on this wonderful world and I am still hooked today.

do you have any plant tips you would like to share with us?

There would be many for sure XD. But if I have to choose one it would be "take away your fear". Many people write to me saying that they don't buy this or that plant because they don't want it to die (even the easiest ones). We have to accept that there is a risk in having a plant because they are living things and we won't always get it right, but the benefit and reward of having them is such that it will always be worth trying. And if you fail, you can learn from the mistake. It's a perfect circle.

what is your favourite plant or species, and why?

This question is always very difficult for me. I find it really unfair to choose just one plant, because I have a really long list of favourites. But since it's a question of choosing just one, here goes: calatheas. I am aware that they are a bit "dramatic" and delicate, but I think they are so spectacular that they are worth having.

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Bird of Paradise
Decorative and resistant
Calathea lancifolia
Delicate and eye-catching

On your instagram we see that you have a very varied collection of plants What is your weekly care routine plantil?

I consider myself a person very given to order and routines, but with plants I'm the opposite :D. I water them when I need to. I water them when they need it and in different ways, sometimes while I'm on the phone, sometimes in the morning while I'm having breakfast...there are so many of them that I have to water them when they need it, whenever they need it. After this (the most basic thing for me), I take advantage of a day at the weekend to check the leaves of the plants (especially the most pest-prone ones), to take cuttings or top up water if needed and to clean the leaves if necessary.

top tips to keep your plants healthy in summer?

For me the best thing to do is to control these three variables:

Watering: think about how many days you are going away and prepare them to survive in your absence. Sometimes it is enough to water them before we leave, other times, we will have to use some auxiliary means

Temperature: in summer, especially in certain areas, it is very hot. Leaving the rooms ventilated (with an open window for example) can help to lower the temperature, at least at night. It will also help them to ventilate.

Light: if we go away for many days and close all the blinds, they will not survive (no matter how much watering we leave them). Try to leave them some natural light, even if it is a little less than usual.

And bonus track: if you can leave several plants together it will help them to be better in our absence.

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