Plants that can be grown in water

There are people who are never at home but dream of having beautiful plants anyway. While it is true that there are a few drought-tolerant species such as succulents, there are those who would prefer to have other species. The simplest solution is hydroponics. There are plants that can be grown in water, without substrate, so you do not have to worry about watering.

Plants grown in water can grow more beautiful and healthier, not only because they have the right humidity levels, but also because they directly absorb the nutrients from the fertiliser added to the water and you avoid many pests and diseases related to the substrate. It is also possible to put them in glass containers, which you can vary according to your taste and decorative style.

Plants you can grow in water

The first thing you need to know is that the plant must have its roots submerged in water at all times, so you need to replenish it when you see it has evaporated. You may need to put some pebbles or clay balls at the bottom to help the stems of the plant stand upright. You can also use hydrogel spheres, which are also colourful and will look great in a glass container.

Use spring or rain water, which is free of substances such as chlorine, lime and others that can affect the health of your plant. If you don't have either, let the purified water stand for at least 48 hours before using it on your plant.
  • Potos

Potos are amazing, hardy and beautiful plants. They can grow in cascades, so their decorative use is very versatile. You can take a stalk of potos and dip it in water, in a few weeks it will take root and continue to develop.

  • Lucky Bamboo

This species of Dracena grows divinely in a container with pebbles and water. They come in all sizes and you can even get them intertwined into shapes with their trunks. A classic for offices and homes, just keep them out of direct sunlight and water them from time to time.

  • Tradescantia

I love tradescantias because they add so much colour to the plant collection, plus they are almost immortal. I've seen them growing in cracks in walls, beautiful with their pink flowers. You can take a stem and put it in a container with water, and after a few weeks it will have roots.

  • Peace Lily

The Peace Lily looks fantastic in a vase of water, whether you try to root a cutting or take a full-grown plant, clean it from the substrate and put it in water. It continues to produce flowers in this type of culture and is a very easy way to keep its humidity levels perfect.

  • Philodendrons

Philodendrons are very well suited to hydro growing. You will love their heart-shaped leaves, with a nice shade of deep green. This plant has fairly low light requirements, so they are perfect for those low light flats.

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