Rest like a baby: 5 top plants for a better night's sleep

Your bedroom should be your own vision of a relaxation spa. Not just because we spend a third of our lives in the bedroom, but because of the importance of restful sleep for the maintenance of physical and mental health. In order to achieve those longed-for and recommended 8 hours of sleep a day, it is essential to have the right space for it, which allows you to establish habits to improve your rest. Among the changes you can make you should include a couple of plants, as there are some very top species that can contribute to improving the quality of your nights.

The importance of having a good sleeping space

When you don't sleep well you spend the whole day feeling a bit miserable. This is no accident, as sleep is the time when your body initiates a series of maintenance and recovery protocols. In fact, when you're training in the gym, the first recommendation is to get at least 8 hours of sleep, because muscle rebuilds and grows during rest.

Your mind also recovers during rest. Not sleeping makes you prone to more irritable moods, predisposes you to depression, makes you take unnecessary risks and affects your ability to concentrate. It also makes you more prone to heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

Rest does not depend exclusively on the number of hours you sleep, but on the quality of your sleep. Spending 8 hours on an uncomfortable mattress, in a noisy and hot room is not the same as spending 8 hours in a place that is purposely decorated to ensure your comfort. For this reason you should spare no effort in creating a comfortable room, which invites you to rest and improves the environmental conditions to ensure a restful night's sleep.

Plants to create a space for rest and relaxation

If you've already invested in a divine mattress, the best you can afford, with a bed base that does it justice and even matching bedside tables, it's time to think about the details. Only one thing is missing: plants. As well as being a wonderful decorative element that will give character, colour and life to your room, you can also buy species that will help to improve your rest.

Let me explain: there are plants with super powers. Some purify the air, others increase the amount of oxygen in the environment, while others function as natural aromatherapy elements. You can add any of these species with complete certainty, which will not only improve the look of your room making it Instagram-worthy, but will also improve the quality of your sleep. You'll wake up feeling as good as new.


I love the Snake Plant or Sansevieria. Not only because it has these long, graceful lines that add visual height to any space and beautiful colour, but because it is able to transform excess carbon dioxide from the environment into oxygen during the night. On top of that it's almost immortal, so it's ideal for non-plant people, forgetful people and frequent travellers.


This is one of the most popular scents in aromatherapy sprays and remedies for falling asleep, as lavender has a very relaxing and delicious scent. It is said to help lower heart rate, stabilise blood pressure and reduce stress. Having a pot in your bedroom will fill it with a delicious, soft and delicate aroma. It will be a temple of rest.

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is an amazing plant and you need to include it in your room. First of all it is able to filter out the most toxic and common volatile organic compounds. This beauty removes formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene from the environment, so you will have a purer and healthier atmosphere to rest. It also increases the humidity levels in your room by up to 5% and absorbs spores in the air that can cause allergies. It is easy to care for and withstands low light environments very well and will give you flowers from spring to autumn.

Boston Fern

One of my life dreams is to have beautiful Boston ferns hanging over my bed, framing it like a lush green waterfall. This tropical plant is leafy and great because it increases the humidity levels in your room, as well as helping to purify the air by absorbing toxins from the environment. As if that wasn't enough, it neutralises the static produced by electronics and improves oxygen levels. Another great advantage is that it is pet and child friendly.

English Ivy

Ivy not only has a beautiful drape that begs to be suspended high above and beautiful rounded leaves, which attract prosperity, tranquillity and love to spaces according to Feng Shui, but it has purifying properties. It filters out formaldehyde and toxic particles from the environment. It is easy to care for and adapts to almost any environmental condition.

In case you don't know which plants to choose, you can use our specialised super search engine, which will allow you to choose the plant you want according to its function, size, pet-friendliness and level of care. If you want it even easier, because we are here to serve you, then purchase our trio of Sweet Dreams plants in one go and have them delivered to your door.
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