The best houseplants for Christmas

While there are some traditional seasonal houseplants that are sold everywhere, there are some lesser-known species that flourish in winter, while others adapt very well to the cold temperatures.

Whether you go for the typical selection of Christmas plants or you prefer to innovate with other types of plants, you can certainly take advantage of these tips for choosing and caring for Christmas houseplants.

The most traditional


When you think of Christmas plants, the poinsettia or poinsettia is the first one that comes to mind, as it is very popular and you can buy them everywhere.

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With a little care you can make them survive for next Christmas. The first thing to know is that you should avoid overwatering, as overwatering causes the roots to rot. Keep them away from draughts and direct sunlight.

When you buy them, it is important to see if they have been kept in a place that is insulated from the cold, and you should protect them well on the way home, because any gust of wind and cold can affect them and cause their deterioration or death. This is one of the great advantages of buying plants online, as they will arrive healthy, well packed and protected from low temperatures.

Pine trees

A Christmas without a pine or fir tree is almost impossible. If there is one versatile and almost universal symbol, it is this evergreen tree, which you can decorate to your liking.

If you don't have much space, you can buy a fir tree rooted in a pot. Because of its small size, you can place it in any corner, even on the counter or desk in an office.

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Miniature spruce trees are easy-care plants that can grow very well outdoors. You can keep them inside your home or office during the season, but it is recommended that they are re-planted in the ground if you want them to grow to a large size. Ideally, keep them in the coolest place in the house, away from the heating. Water it every 2 or 3 days, but avoid waterlogging it. You can decorate it as you like, as long as you place the decorations carefully on the branches.


Holly is a pretty shrub with deep green leaves and red fruit, and is a popular choice for decorating with plants at Christmas, as it looks great in any corner of the room, as it is very festive and will match any style of your space. This is a protected species, so you can't cut it down in the wild. Try to buy holly plants from nurseries and shops that legally propagate them.

Holly is a plant that requires shade and indirect light. It needs a lot of watering in summer, reducing watering in winter. Caution should be taken with its beautiful red fruits if you have children and pets, as they are toxic if ingested. It is very cold hardy and easy to care for.

Rose of Jericho

The Rose of Jericho is a beautiful plant, with a particular characteristic: it can be brought back to life. In fact, it is possible to buy it dried and bring it back to life. Legend has it that when the Holy Family was fleeing to Bethlehem, it crossed the plains of Jericho. When the Virgin got off the donkey she was riding, she noticed a beautiful and delicate flower emerging from the earth. This flower sprang from the earth to welcome the Christ Child to earth.

The Rose of Jericho thrives anywhere, but is best in semi-shade. It requires frequent watering and frequent spraying of its leaves, as it requires a high level of humidity. Because of its pretty green colour with light tips, it is perfect for Christmas decorations. You can buy a festive pot and it will look perfect combined with some holly.

The lesser known

Christmas cactus

If you are one of those people who like to innovate and are a bit tired of the typical Christmas plants, you can look for a Christmas cactus. These succulents bloom in winter, producing a cascade of red flowers that, combined with their deep green leaves, offer a new twist on the traditional. If it is already large, you can hang it up to let its branches droop.

As a succulent it is a very easy plant to care for. They require plenty of moisture and grow very well in shade or indirect sun. It is important to spray its leaves to maintain adequate moisture levels, but watering once a week in summer and every 15 days in winter is enough to avoid water accumulation.

Christmas rose

There is an ancient legend that has made this flower the symbol of rebirth, of a great miracle of God and of second chances, the hellebore or Christmas rose blooms in the winter months until the beginning of spring. There are varieties with red, white and pink flowers. It is a plant that grows very well indoors, withstands the cold and requires moderate watering: the substrate should be moist, but never waterlogged.

It has such a showy and delicate flower that it will look perfect in any corner you wish to decorate. It is ideal for minimalist and modern styles that prefer to move away from more traditional symbols but want to decorate their spaces in an exquisite and elegant way.

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