The best plants for your work desk

why do you need plants in the office?

Most people spend at least a third of their day in the office. Some are fortunate enough to have a large workspace with large windows and plenty of light, but the vast majority of us are in smaller spaces, sometimes without the possibility of seeing outside for the whole day. Spending so much time in a place without windows or nature has been shown to have negative effects on metabolism, sleep and activity levels.

Some people deal with the stress and negative consequences of confinement with sun lamps, as well as decorating their workspace with personal items, but adding a few plants to the equation can do wonders for your health and the aesthetics of your office.

Benefits of having plants in the office

- Improve air quality: There are several species of plants that are able to clean the air by absorbing and removing toxic compounds that may be in the environment. Also, all plants contribute to improve the humidity levels in the environment, so it will improve the dry environments of air conditioners and heaters. If you want to buy plants online, you can order the trio of purifying plants.

- Improve concentration levels: There are several scientific studies that claim that the presence of plants creates a harmonious environment, reduces stress levels, and makes the place more pleasant for workers. This satisfaction translates into greater focus and therefore higher productivity.

- They improve aesthetics: a plant can completely transform a space, giving it more life and colour. If your office looks dull and impersonal, putting a couple of plants on your desk can make a big difference.

- Improve your mental health: caring for a living thing, watching it grow under your care and attention makes you feel fulfilled, comforted and gives you a purpose in life. For this reason, caring for plants is considered a form of therapy, as it reduces stress, depression and anxiety.

The best plants for the office

Before rushing out to buy plants online, you should consider the lighting conditions in your office, as well as your habits and customs. With desk space and lighting conditions in mind, we have chosen this list of plants that you can order straight to your office.

Cacti: Cacti are the desk companions par excellence, as for many years it was believed that they had the ability to absorb electromagnetic radiation generated by computers and other electronics. While this has been disproved, they are still perfect for their small size, fun shapes and ease of care. If you're going to love a cactus, you must have good lighting for it to grow beautifully.

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Immortal Cactus Trio
€29.00 €26.10
Three tropical cacti
an exotic touch!

Zamioculcas: can live in virtually any lighting conditions, as long as they are not in full sun. They require little care, are very hardy and their beautiful bright green leaves are the perfect addition to your office. On top of that they can purify the air.

We ship plants to all locations, you can see more options here.

ZZ plant
Adapts to any environment
Areca Palm
€64.00 €57.60
Tropical and hardy

Snake plant: If you're the type to kill every plant you touch, the sansevieria or snake plant is just what you need. It has a nice elongated shape, adapts to any environment and is said to attract good fortune as well as purify the environment.

We ship plants to all locations, you can see more options here.

Snake Plant
An oxygen pump
Bonsai Carmona (8 years old)
An easy-care bonsai

- Potos: Potos have a nice green colour with yellow spots. It is another very easy to care for plant, almost indestructible. When it grows, it can hang so it would look very nice on the edge of your desk or on a shelf. It is ideal for low light spaces and will help you purify the air.

We ship plants to all locations, you can see more options here.

Resistant and for beginners
White Bamboo Orchid
A very tropical orchid

- Chinese Money Plant: If you work with accounts, budgets and anything to do with money, the Chinese Money Plant will be great for you as it is said to attract prosperity. It lives well indoors in an office, as it does not like draughts and prefers indirect light. It will also make you more popular, as you will be able to take out shoots to give to your friends.

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