Maize plant care: Useful guide, care and tips

The maize plant, which comes from Mexico, has an amazing ability to adapt to develop in places with very different climates. It is said to be the plant of a thousand uses, as it is used in many different ways: its grains are consumed directly, cooked or prepared in an infinite number of ways.

Moreover, its applications in the manufacture of agri-food, pharmaceutical, chemical, textile and metallurgical products are practically unlimited. it is even used as fuel!

The maize plant is made up of 4 parts:

  • Stalk

The stalks of maize remain rigid and erect even though the plant grows to heights of up to 8 metres. They are very similar to sugar cane.

  • Inflorescence

Maize produces both male and female flowers. The male part is the most recognisable, spike-like. The female is a kind of lateral branching that sprouts on both sides of the plant.

  • Leaves

The leaves are large and elongated. Sometimes their edges can even cut. They are covered with a kind of soft fuzz.

  • Roots

The roots are responsible for anchoring the plant to the ground. They generally remain underground, although it is not uncommon for parts of them to protrude from the soil.

How to grow the maize plant

  • Soil

Maize tends to adapt well to all types of soil, although it is more at home in soil with good depth and high nutrient content. A well-draining soil is also very important to prevent root rot. To prepare the soil optimally, follow these two steps:

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Prepare the soil. Ploughing is best to keep the soil loose and free of weeds. Sow high-quality seed to minimise the risk of pests and diseases. Make furrows in the soil and place the seeds in them, leaving about 20 cm of space between them.
  • Light

This plant requires a lot of sunlight. In order for it to develop in optimum conditions, it is best to sow between the end of spring and the beginning of summer. Sun and warmth are its greatest allies, as if temperatures drop, the seeds will rot.

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  • Temperature

Maize can withstand temperatures as low as 8º and as high as 30º. Above or below these temperatures, problems can arise due to incorrect absorption of the water and nutrients it needs to live. For the plant to bear fruit

General care

  • Watering

Maize needs a lot of water, so watering should be done daily. In the growth stage, it does not need as much water and you only need to make sure that the humidity level is maintained. When it reaches the vegetative stage, it will need watering again in order to flower. When the fruit (the cob) is in the process of ripening, you will be able to space out the frequency of watering again.

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  • Fertilisers and fertilisers

In order for the corn to grow properly, you must provide it with a good dose of minerals. Use a fertiliser with a good amount of nitrogen, especially during the vegetative growth phase. Then, during the growth period, you can reduce the amount of fertiliser. The last stage of fertilisation is the lightest, as this is the time when the kernels of the cobs develop. In addition to fertiliser, it is also advisable to use a good herbicide to prevent weeds from growing around the plants.

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