The future is now: why buying plants online is cool?

Online shopping until not so long ago was limited to non-perishable goods, objects and curiosities, but nowadays this service has been extended to the wonderful world of plants. With a couple of clicks you can choose the plant of your dreams and have it delivered to your doorstep, healthy, safe and perfect. Some people are afraid to use this service, but the future is now. Buying plants online is great, we'll tell you why.

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why beginners should buy plants online?

If you're a die-hard plant fanatic and you're just starting out in this world, you'll understand when I say that visiting a nursery can be a bit of an overwhelming experience. First of all there can be a huge variety of plants, so many that you don't know where to start. Because there is so much variety, it is difficult to know exactly what type of plant you have. Sometimes you can't get more information from the shop assistants. They may tell you the name and not much more.

On the other hand, there is important information that not everyone knows. For example, I have cats and I need to know if the plant I am going to buy is toxic or not. I have rarely had this question answered at the nursery, because it is not a common concern.

Another problem for the beginner is to know which plant is the best, the one that is healthy and perfect. It is not as easy as it seems. There are respectable nurseries, run by people with scruples and love for plants, but it is also possible to find seasonal plants in shops such as flower shops, department stores and even in Chinese shops, where they do not receive the ideal care. Many of these plants are condemned to death, because they have not been planted in ideal conditions, their roots have been mistreated, they have been forced to flower with fertilisers and hormones; so when they get home their days are numbered.

It is common to buy sick or mistreated plants, which then die in our hands and make us feel frustrated, sad and discouraged. So we begin to feel that we have no hand for plants and that everything green is dying. It would all be so different if we had an expert to advise us on how to choose the perfect plant: one that can live at home, that suits our lifestyle and that is healthy and perfect, wouldn't it? Well, that's what online plant sales services like Be.Green take care of.

The advantages of buying plants online

Whether you're just starting out in the relaxing world of plants or you know exactly what you want, online plant nursery shops offer a number of benefits that will completely transform the experience of choosing and buying your plants.

  • We help you shop around

Let's say you're looking for a plant for your living room, where there isn't much light. You have pets and would like a small plant, because you don't have a lot of space. Also, you are a busy person and you may forget to water them. You can enter all these parameters in the Be.Green online shop and you will receive specific recommendations about the plants that suit you so that you can choose the one you love.

  • Do it in your own time

If you work office hours, you will know that it is almost impossible to find nurseries open when you leave work and you have to visit them on weekends, when they are at their busiest. Sometimes you have to commute and that turns the relaxing experience of having plants into a stressful chore. Buying plants online allows you to browse the entire catalogue, choose at your own pace, at the time you want and from wherever you want. Pay and have them delivered to your door, healthy, safe and perfect.

  • Know your plant

how do you know if that plant you liked so much can live in your flat? does it need a lot of care? how often should I water it? All the plants we sell have detailed, easy-to-understand information online, so you'll know in no time at all if that plant is your ideal companion. What's more, when you receive it at home, you'll get a detailed printed guide with all the care it needs.

  • The plant will come to your door

Imagine you are looking for a kentia palm to decorate your office. You can go to a nursery to buy it, but you don't have a car. can you imagine walking around the city with a giant plant in your arms? or hailing a taxi? Forget about that nightmare. You can place your order from the comfort of your home and you will receive all the plants you ordered, regardless of size or quantity, at your doorstep.

  • Lifetime Guarantee

Be.Green knows that no one takes care of their plants like they do and their team of experts ensure that they deliver the healthiest and most well cared for specimens. So confident are they of their quality that they offer a 20 day guarantee. You won't experience plant horror stories ever again.

  • More than just plants

Be.Green has a group of professionals who have put together complete decorative sets. If you want more than just a plant, for example, you can buy the Inner Peace set. We also offer you trios of plants with common characteristics. The aim is to facilitate and enhance your experience in choosing your plants and to create homes full of joy and style.

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