The importance of a good working environment

Dealing with stress at work day in and day out, in order to get closer to or settle into your dream career, is more than difficult. While everyone spends a large part of their life at work, it is important to create a balance between life inside and outside of work.

Therefore, it is undeniable that designing a workplace with positivity is essential for our professional success and also for the success of a company.

A positive work environment, a key to well-being

Having a conflict-free workplace, where everyone feels at ease with their tasks and is in line with their abilities, has many positive effects on the employee and on the company's results .

If people are happy in the workplace and the environment we find ourselves in every day, we are likely to be more productive and make fewer mistakes. Moreover, when every employee is charged with positive energy, the contagion of good vibes is inevitable. The underlying fact is that positivity is just as contagious as negativity.

A poor working environment can slow down productivity, leading employees to become demotivated and eventually resign from their workplace. On the other hand, it is very often observed that poor working conditions can also cause long-term health problems such as stress, anxiety and depression . However, by encouraging and nurturing employees to work in a positive, motivating and inspiring environment, the company can generate huge profits and overall success.

A healthy work environment includes energy efficient design solutions and innovative design that helps create a workplace with a good atmosphere.

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What a positive work environment can bring us

A positive work environment should make employees feel satisfied.

Because when employees are happy, amazing things happen in the company. For example, a good working environment eliminates stress and negativity and causes a boost in employee productivity. When employees are happy and motivated, they invest all their energy to ensure the best results.

Moreover, in a good working environment, employees always have a positive attitude where they are open to challenges and learning. A poor working environment, on the other hand, leads to work permeability and a toxic atmosphere.

However, in a good working environment, employees feel more creative in offering solutions, as they are inspired and motivated. They are also more likely to take risks and say yes more often. Therefore, the key to winning in the business world is to win the workplace first .

Teamwork, the key to positive atmospheres

A work environment that encourages employees to engage in collaborative projects and teamwork is always good for business, as employees are more willing to engage with their co-workers and maintain a constructive relationship with them.

Furthermore, many studies have pointed out that happiness is contagious, so if we are in a healthy and positive work environment, the "good vibes" will spread throughout the workplace like wildfire.

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Decorate the office with plants, possibility and good vibes

If you like to decorate your favourite spaces with plants, we recommend you do the same in the office. This is one of the best ways to give a personal and stylish touch to your office or coworking space. Creating a personalised space, where you feel at home, which is an expression of your character and brings a touch of green to your office, will make everything flow better. When decorating a place with plants, the only limitation is your desire to

limitation is your desire to take care of these living beings.

In addition, many plants will scent the atmosphere, purify the air and give a cosy touch to the space. You can create everything from an indoor hanging garden, an ideal way to place succulents and cacti, to placing pots full of colourful flowering plants on office shelves.

how to nurture a good working environment?

The most important thing is to generate positive values in the workplace. Demonstrative behaviour that exemplifies the highest commitment to quality and service to each other, the company and the customers is one of the keys to nurturing a good working environment.

In addition, spaces for relaxation and disconnection should be provided . People who enjoy coming to work feel appreciated, recognised and rewarded. There are no signs of fear, domination, bullying, sexual harassment and intimidation. Only then does creativity, productivity and innovative thinking flourish and workers take responsibility for their actions and decisions.

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Honest communication, a must for improving your job

Another key to a good working environment is that everyone communicates with their cards on the table, resolving difficulties in a positive way. Cooperation, support and empowerment make for a productive and happy working atmosphere.

In addition, kindness and understanding prevail when employees face challenges such as accidents, illness, personal tragedies and natural disasters.

People often go the extra mile for others when they are treated well and with understanding, compassion and respect.

We all need recognition, appreciation and gratitude to stay motivated . Compliments, rewards, bonuses, raises and promotions are oil in the motivation machine.

Putting health, family and the environment first

Another key to maintaining a good work environment is the options and benefits a company offers to improve the quality of life of its employees.

If your company offers comprehensive health insurance, with programmes for weight loss, smoking cessation or substance abuse cessation, it is taking care of its employees.

Small details also play a role: if the corporate cafeteria offers a healthy menu suitable for all budgets, if your company's gym is well equipped, if they help to reconcile family life, if the place has natural lighting or if the organisation is environmentally conscious by promoting solar energy and recycling.

So, remember that, in short, for a good working environment, it is important that you have at least 70% of the following options. And if you don't, it's time to rethink your workplace or ask for help from human resources:

1. Open, communicative and team-oriented environment.

2. Support for employees, appropriate to each person: promotion, salary increases, support for family reconciliation, etc...

3. That you are allowed to personalise your space, either with photos, plants, motivational images or whatever you decide.

4. Empathy and understanding: that your superiors listen to you and want you to be satisfied.

5. Feeling that your opinion is valid.

6. To be allowed to work collaboratively, to improve your points of view.

7. Creativity is stimulated.

8. To feel that you will be able to continue learning.

9. The space is conducive to your well-being: it has natural light, is well cared for, clean and tidy.

10. When you are very stressed, you can find practical solutions that improve your situation.

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