7 plants that don't need watering

Here we will show you how to surround yourself with greenery, even if you are a garden nerd, forget to water, or are often absent from home.

why do some plants need little or no water to live?

Some plant species can survive with little or no water for long periods of time. Among them, cacti are undoubtedly the queens of dry land par excellence.

Accustomed to living in extremely arid climates in their natural habitat, they have developed a water storage system that allows them to stay hydrated without problems during prolonged periods of drought. that's why they are the perfect choice for decorating all kinds of spaces!

To help you choose the species that are easiest to maintain and care for, here are our top 7 plants that can survive without water, along with some basic tips on how to care for them.

7 plants that need almost no watering

  • Alabaster rose

This variety of the echeveria family, native to Mexico, is a succulent plant that takes the form of a beautiful rosette. as well as being beautiful, it is one of the hardiest plant species in existence!

All varieties of echeverias can withstand sudden changes in temperature without any problems, which means that their striking beauty can be enjoyed even in areas with extreme temperatures, both too high and too low. However, given the choice, they prefer warmth to cold.

Both the alabaster rose and the other echeverias have geometrically arranged leaves. In the right climatic conditions, they flower during the warmer months. To maintain their humidity level, water them a couple of times a month during the warmer months, and hardly at all during the cooler months.

  • Poto

This is another of the hardiest plants in the world. it can take anything! It can withstand water, light and general lack of care without any problems. In the warmer months, just water it every 4 or 5 days, and in winter, a weekly watering or even every 10 days will be enough.

  • Aranto

Also known as devil's thorn, this plant has pointed leaves and serrated edges. Like other species of the kalanchoe family, it is highly resistant to lack of watering as its crass leaves are real water reservoirs. you can go on holiday in peace and quiet, and when you return your aranthus will welcome you back in top form! It requires so little water that you should make sure that the substrate is completely dry before watering it again.

  • Brazilian trunk

Although this shrub of tropical origin is very grateful for a moist substrate, it is also capable of surviving in perfect conditions, even if you spend days without watering it. It is able to grow perfectly even in spaces with low light and variable temperatures. a top 10 choice for both the home and the workplace!

  • Philodendrons

Philodendrons are a variety that encompasses more than 700 different species, including some as well known as the poto or Adam's rib. Their large, attractive leaves are their main distinguishing feature. But perhaps what is not so well known is the fact that they are capable of adapting to all kinds of weather and light conditions.

They look just as beautiful in front of a window as they do in a shady corner. And they will hardly suffer if you forget to water them!

  • Sanseviera

The pointed leaves of this plant, also known as mother-in-law's tongue or St. George's sword, act as water reservoirs. For this reason, it withstands long periods without watering. In fact, it withstands lack of water better than overwatering. Before re-wetting the plant, check that the substrate is completely dry.

  • Aloe vera

Aloe vera is so hardy and versatile that you can practically put it on any list due to its many properties. Its water requirements are so minimal that you won't need to water it until the substrate is virtually dry.

Succulents: the plants that live with almost no need for water

The main characteristic of succulents is their ability to accumulate water in their leaves or stems. This group includes cacti and succulents.

These plants are extremely resistant to changes in temperature, changes in light, drafts, etc.

In addition, they require very little care and watering to keep them in perfect condition. Therefore, when choosing a plant that hardly needs watering, these plants are the perfect solution.

Plants that hardly need any water to live are a perfect solution for both indoors and outdoors.

There are a multitude of varieties that, in addition to their great power as ornamental and environment-purifying elements, also need almost no watering or care to survive.

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