which houseplants are good for cats?

Pussycats are so cute, there's no way to get bored with one at home. They even take naps in witty positions and it's impossible not to melt at their antics. Because of their curious nature, cats love to explore their surroundings and, just like children, they tend to do so using all their senses, including taste; so you're bound to find your cat chewing on the leaves of your plants or swinging on the ferns. It's unavoidable, so it's best to play it safe with these cat-friendly houseplants.

Cat-safe plants

  • Calatheas

All plants belonging to the Calathea genus are safe for your kitty. You can choose a lovely Calathea Triostar, with those beautiful pink colours, or a Calathea Roseopicta, with those amazing lines. All varieties stand out for their colours and textures, so you can collect several.

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Kokedama Aspa
Japanese style touch

  • Ribbons

Ribbons are incredible plants, not only do they have a formidable drape but they purify the environment of toxins, are almost immortal and are also safe for your pet. You can't ask for more from a plant, beautiful, useful and safe.

  • Living room palm trees

This leafy palm will look great in large spaces. It prefers indirect light to keep growing and developing its purifying power, while resisting the onslaught of your kitty who will surely try to climb it.

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Parlor Palm
Hard-wearing and indoor
Bird of Paradise
Decorative and resistant

  • Boston Fern

There are ferns that can be toxic to your pets, but the Boston fern will not only look beautiful hanging or in an original pot because of its long fronds, but it is also a perfect companion for your kitty. As if that wasn't enough, it regulates humidity, neutralises static electricity and purifies the environment.

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Boston fern
Regulates the humidity level
Resistant and for beginners

  • Orchids

Orchids are beautiful, elegant and full of colour and charm, but they are also safe for your cat. Believe it or not, these plants are not as hard to care for as they say they are: they love humidity, indirect light and loose substrates that allow the roots to breathe. And if you want to keep your cat away from the flowers, spray them with a mixture of cinnamon and cayenne pepper in water.

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Snake Plant
An oxygen pump

  • Herbs

There are certain herbs that may attract cats with their scent, such as catnip and lemongrass, while others may not be as appealing, but are still safe to eat, such as rosemary, oregano, peppermint, and others. Besides, it is always a plus to be able to use them in the kitchen.

  • Tillandsias

Air plants such as tillandsia are amazing, not only are they delicate and elegant, they are so easy to care for that they only need to be sprayed with water every one to two weeks. They look great in terrariums or can be placed in artistic and very modern arrangements. The best part is that they can withstand kitty play and won't hurt your kitty.

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Beaucarnea Kokedama
Original and surprising
Bird of Paradise
€65.00 €58.50
Decorative and resistant

  • Prayer flower

These plants, which belong to the Maranta species are gorgeous, with their pink lines and contrasting green leaves. They also have this reflex of raising their leaves when evening falls, as if in prayer, and then spreading out again in the morning. As if that wasn't enough, they're harmless to your cats, even if they chew on them a little.

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Prayer plant
Humidifies and cleans the air
Nauru Basket - M/18cm
Jute with plastic lining

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