which plant grows the fastest?

One of the greatest joys when you have plants is to discover that they are growing new leaves. That little leaf is the irrefutable proof that we are able to take care of another living thing, that the plant is healthy, happy and wants to continue spreading. But there are plants that grow so slowly that you feel they don't experience any change.

If you want immediate rewards and happy plants, then you need to acquire one of these fast-growing specimens.

The fastest plants

While the species of plant largely determines the rate of growth, environmental factors are critical. You can have the fastest growing plant, but if it is not getting the necessary amount of light, water and nutrients, it will not grow a millimetre. The size of the pot is also important, it should have room to stretch but not overdo it because too big a pot can accumulate too much moisture and rot the roots.

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Tropical and hardy

Fertilising at the right time is also key to stimulating growth. Most plants should be fertilised in spring and summer, but it's best to check the data sheets for each species. On the other hand, be aware that there are periods when there is no growth because the plant goes into dormancy. Don't expect your plant to stretch in winter as much as it did in summer.

  • Lavender

Hardy, easy to care for and please, lavender will spread and perfume all your spaces with its violet flowers. Requires lots of indirect light and moderate watering.

  • Mint

When mint is planted in the ground, it spreads so much that it is considered an invasive species. It is therefore best kept on its own in its own pot. It needs constant watering, indirect light and little else. It is very easy to care for.

  • Potos

The potos grows fast and fast wherever you have it. It won't take long for it to unfurl its hanging branches and fill you with green and happiness. It requires little watering and adapts to almost any light conditions. In fact, you can grow it in water.

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  • Rosemary

Rosemary can grow into a giant bush in no time at all if you plant it in the ground, so it is usually contained in its own pot. It requires little watering but large amounts of light.

  • Ribbons

Ribbons are tough and resilient plants. They adapt to wherever you put them and will use all their resources to make themselves beautiful. Water them lightly and give them space to grow radiantly. They will even give you offspring for propagation.

  • Tradescantia

Tradescantia will add a touch of colour to your indoor garden. Easy to propagate, care for and love, this plant will grow out of its pot in record time. It requires little water and moderate light.

  • Moulting Cane

Dieffenbachia is one of those traditional houseplants that is characterised by its two-coloured leaves. It grows with incredible speed and adapts to almost all light conditions, as long as you don't expose it to direct light.

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