which plants require little care?

There are those who have the best intentions in the world, love plants and get excited and buy some they think are beautiful, only to find them dead one day, and for many it is very difficult to find the time and mental space to dedicate to plants. If you are one of these busy people (or have a tendency to be distracted) you don't have to resign yourself to having plastic plants. You can get your hands on one of these low-care plants.

Plants that need little care

  • Tillandsias

Air plants, as they are also known, have everything it takes to become a favourite for those who don't have the time to care for them. They require no substrate, so you can use them as a decorative element in different arrangements. Just spray them once or twice a week and leave them in a bright place, but not in direct sunlight.

  • aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has it all. Not only is it renowned for its healing and wound-healing powers, but it is all too easy to care for. Leave it in a place where it doesn't get direct sun, but is well lit and water it every two to three weeks. That's all it needs to be happy.

  • Sanseviera

I love to think that we don't look after the Sansevieria but that they look after themselves and us, with their purifying properties. It is impossible to get a more resilient, strong and versatile plant. It adapts to any light conditions and requires little water.

  • Jade

Jade is reputed to attract prosperity, good vibes and harmonise the energies of the space where they are placed. Whether this is true or not, the truth is that it is a beautiful plant that requires very little watering and indirect light. It is one of the longest-lived plants you can have at home and easy to reproduce. It also produces beautiful white flowers in summer.

  • Bamboo

Bamboo is one of those interior designers' favourites, offering that oriental minimalist charm that is so popular. There are several species, but even the lucky bamboo that is usually kept in a pot with water and decorative pebbles is an excellent luck and longevity charm, as well as requiring no more care than watering as it evaporates.

  • Dracaena

At home I have dracaenas that are decades old. Although they are outdoors, they are one of those plants that I hardly ever pay attention to, because they don't need it and they are tall and leafy. They look so handsome, with those elongated leaves, that they adapt very well to different environmental conditions. As if that wasn't enough, it requires very little watering.

  • Potus

Potus are very adaptable. They can withstand almost any type of lighting and should be watered every 10 days or so. You can use it as a decorative element, because it has a tendency to grow in waterfalls, but you can also guide it to climb on a surface. They reproduce very easily and can even live in water. They are perfect for beginners and busy people.

  • Raven Plant

Zamioculcas are fantastic. Just leave them in a place with soft indirect light, water every 2 weeks and plant them in a medium pot. It will surprise you with new, shiny, leafy leaves. This is another one of those plants that almost takes care of itself.

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