Christmas plants

The most Christmas plants ready to fill your home with joy.

Christmas plants When you think of Christmas, your first sight is of a beautiful pine tree decorated with lights and glitter, but behind all the tinsel and glitter you can find room to decorate with fantastic, natural plants. **Christmas plants encompass within their delicate beauty all the magic of the festive season, which can last for the whole season and accompany you for years to come At Be.Green you will find a good selection of Christmas plants, acclimatised to survive indoors. With just a little care you will have a festive decoration that grows, transforms and will stay with you for seasons to come. Within our catalogue we have several species that are considered Christmas plants, from the typical Poinsettias to pine trees in pots, ready to decorate; all healthy plants ready to start a long life by your side, Many people go to nurseries to buy a few specimens of Poinsettias or miniature pines, use them as decoration for the living room or office and discard them at the end of the season. These plants die for two reasons: they are not well rooted, so they do not absorb nutrients, or because they do not give you any indication of how to care for them. Our vision is completely different: we want to provide you with everything you need so that your Christmas plants stay alive all year round and are dressed in festive colours the following year. Even if you are not a gardening expert, we will provide you with everything you need to keep your Christmas plants looking as beautiful and graceful as they did on the first day. Every plant that arrives thanks to our online delivery system is not only carefully packed so that it arrives in perfect condition and more beautiful than in the photos, but is accompanied by a quick care guide card. At a glance you'll learn the basic needs of your new festive companion want to know more? You can check out our care guides for each species. Does your Christmas plant look strange and you can't find the solution? You can consult our experts. You are not alone in this new festive adventure. With us you will learn that poinsettias are not disposable or seasonal plants and that that miniature pine tree can grow into an amazing decorative accessory. But plants don't live by good wishes alone. In our design section you can buy the perfect decorative pots for the season; that will allow you to get all the decorative juice out of your Christmas plants. We also have fun accessories such as humidifiers, UV lamps, sprayers and watering cans, as well as compost, substrate and pots Christmas is often a time with its fair share of chaos, especially when it comes to going out to the shops and shopping. Everyone is looking for the perfect gift for their loved ones, so it's normal to feel overwhelmed in crowded places. Be.Green is a haven of freedom, where you can buy your Christmas plants without having to leave your home. From your computer or mobile phone, at midnight or early in the morning, our online shop is always open for you. Make your purchases and have them delivered to your home in 24 hours or less for the same price At Be.Green we want to simplify your life this holiday season. Do you want to give a unique gift? You can buy plants (Christmas or otherwise, we have some beautiful ones) and have them delivered to the address of your choice. Perfect for corporate gifts or for that person who is a plant fanatic. You'll be able to show off without so much effort and make the most of the time you have left over to celebrate.