Valentine's Day

Tell the person you love the most that your love is as natural and lasting as a plant.

Buying plants for Valentine's Day

Plants and flowers have a language of their own, full of symbols and meanings that you can use to express your emotions in an original way. For this reason certain types of flowers have become part of special celebrations. At Christmas, for example, Poinsettias take every nursery by storm, while on Valentine's Day long-stemmed red roses take centre stage. And, let's face it, this can get a bit boring

Valentine's Day is a date to celebrate unconditional love, the perfect excuse to get as romantic as possible and let all that you feel come out and materialise it in some special detail. Some people stick to the usual gifts: chocolates, flowers and little else, but if you want to innovate and revolutionise the foundations of tradition without going overboard, you can make a difference by giving plants on Valentine's Day

If gardening is not your thing and you don't have much idea of the plant species that can be used to make that special arrangement that will pour your heart out to the person you love, don't worry, that's what the experts at Be.Green are here for. We have prepared a special selection of plants for Valentine's Day and special sets, ready to give as gifts. Check out the catalogue and find the set that best suits your partner's tastes and needs.

For an intense and passionate love, the perfect plant is the Anthurium, which with its bright red, heart-shaped flowers not only symbolises a lasting love that lasts over time (it blooms all the time) but legend has it that Cupid's arrows are made from this flower. Want something more delicate and romantic? Then go straight for a Hoya, it's impossible not to melt at its heart shape, its compact size and it also represents eternal love, as this plant is almost indestructible

For those who have an all-terrain love, capable of resisting and adapting happily to any circumstances, the Potos is the perfect plant, with its two-tone heart-shaped leaves and its versatile vocation. For those who wish to complement their gift, there is an accessories shop with beautiful decorative pots and complete plant care sets. But don't limit yourself, because when it comes to Valentine's Day gifts, the most important thing is to make your partner happy. Romance does not lie in an empty symbol, but in the genuine happiness of each other

want something more dramatic and incredible? Give them a complete set of plants to create a vegetable oasis in the middle of their flat - imagine their face when they get all those plants delivered to their door! At Be.Green we take care of choosing the healthiest and most beautiful specimens, we pack all the plants and accessories with great care, so that they arrive in perfect condition at their destination. Each shipment is accompanied by personalised cards with all the necessary care for the plant to stay alive and happy

Forget about standing in long queues or running all over town to order your gift, thanks to our online delivery system you can have your set delivered right where you want it. We promise to deliver it in 24 hours or less, all for the same price. We become your ally in giving a meaningful, original Valentine's Day gift and we make it all easy for you. At Be.Green your peace of mind and your partner's happiness are our priority.

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