Your cooler home

Turn your home into a jungle and feel cooler with this selection of plants that purify and help reduce high temperatures.

A tropical garden for an unforgettable summer

This past 2020 has changed the way we consume our leisure time. Without a doubt, our gatherings are less crowded and we prefer open spaces and outdoors. Therefore, we are sure that many of your gatherings with your friends and loved ones will prefer to be held in the garden of your home.

So now is the perfect time to reclaim that neglected space during the cold days of the year and take advantage of everything we have to offer in our Summer Catalogue: from hammocks and wicker chairs to all kinds of plants

why buy plants online?

For starters, buy all kinds of outdoor plants online for that garden or terrace where you'll be enjoying the long summer evenings.

Find huge, discreet, exotic, colourful, flowering, hanging plants. We can offer you plants that are easy to maintain, some that require little light, cacti and succulents, orchids, monsteras, Brazilian trunks, purifying plants, potos, bonsais, ficus and much, much more.

Buying plants online is the best choice you can make! Do you know why?

For one thing, you will find much more detailed information online than in any nursery, so you will know how to take care of your new plant. You will have the measurements to know in which corner your new acquisition will fit best

In addition, you will not have to carry them all the way home, with the risk of them tipping over and falling, dirtying your car with dirt and mistreating the leaves, bent by the reduced and unprepared spaces we have for transporting them.

Buying plants online, on the other hand, ensures that you receive them in the best possible packaging, carefully covered to protect them from damage.

On the other hand, you are assured that your plants will arrive within 24 hours, healthy and perfect, directly from our greenhouse to your home.

A comfortable and relaxing garden

Once you've covered your garden in greenery, it's time to furnish it with our delightful outdoor furniture. Earthy colours, natural styling and elegant, inspiring design, like our stunning Emmanuelle rattan chair.

Also check out our comfortable tan chairs and sturdy round coffee tables, boho-chic design pieces that are easy to clean and resistant to outdoor weather

To separate the spaces in your outdoor area, we have two ideas that you will love: rugs made of natural and durable materials and sturdy hammocks where you can rest, read and take a nap

Prepare your outdoor area for these hot months

The final touches to your outdoor area are the ones that make all the difference: those carefully thought-out details that create a space full of life and freshness. For example, wicker and rattan planters, ceramic pots in bright colours or even some almost sculptural ones, with which to break the monotony of straight lines

Other details can include some bamboo vases, cushions with floral motifs on your outdoor chairs or candles or incense to create a warmer atmosphere

This summer, be the perfect host and make your dinner with friends an unforgettable warm evening.

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