Pendant Orlando grey
Pendant Orlando grey
Pendant Orlando grey Pendant Orlando grey
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Includes: hanging design pot and hanging plant of the Araliaceae family.
€29.00 Pendant Orlando grey
Includes: hanging design pot and hanging plant of the Araliaceae family.
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Pendant Orlando grey

Design planter inspired by the shapes of the moon with a hanging plant of the Araliaceae family, ideal for any environment and decoration.

PS: The selection of plants may vary in species from those in the photograph.


Native to Europe, Africa and Asia, these plants will accompany you for many years with very little care


  • This plant is toxic for children and pets.
  • Avoid direct sunlight as it can burn its leaves.


  • Light: It likes the places with indirect light or semishade.
  • Moderate watering: It does not tolerate the excess of water. To water once a week will be sufficient for her.
  • Humidity: Adapts to any humidity level.
  • Top Tip: Try not to water with tap water, its tolerance to lime is low and could make its leaves sick.


  • Its leaves have beneficial properties used for anti-cellulite remedies and cough remedies.
  • It is said that this plant attracts good luck and removes negative energies from the environment...

Orlando Hanging Planters


  • Material of manufacture, metal.
  • Colour, jet black and pearl white.
  • Modern design, takes advantage of the gemoetric shapes of the pots and the leaves of the plants to create unique spaces.
  • Decorative planters, do not water indoors.

Pot size

  • Height of the planter: 29 centimetres.
  • Pot diameter: 10 centimetres.

How it works:

  • Simple and mess-free use. Insert the pot in which the nursery plant comes directly into the decorative pot.

Difference between pot and planter:

  • The pot is the plastic container in which your plant is transplanted and which allows the water to drain better during watering. It is responsible for keeping the roots healthy.
  • The pot is the container in which you place the pot inside and serves to prevent the soil from getting stained with soil and water. it also decorates and gives style to your home!
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