Our team

We are a company of plant enthusiasts brought together by our shared passion. We founded Be.Green to share our love for houseplants with the world and make plants not only accessible to everyone… but also fun. Plants makes us happy and let us live a fuller life.

United by our mission and our promise of trust, compassion and attention to detail, we are committed to helping you live a more balanced life by bringing beautiful plants into your home or office.

Alon Pupkin

Growing up I spend most of my early years living in a small town at a boarder of a desert –  needless to say, the view was not that green. I love the mountains, admire baobab trees, and do believe that if you take care of a small plant you take care of the world.

The plant I love the most: Zamioculcas Raven. Yes, it’s because of its cool long name

Julian Becker

Born in a rural part of Germany, I have always been passionate about the outdoors and love exploring new landscapes – by foot, by bike or sometimes on my surfboard. Prior to Be.Green, I worked in strategy consulting at Oliver Wyman and in finance at Barclays. Within our team, I am now responsible for commercial and product-related matters.

My favorite plant? Clearly, the Calathea Libbyana

Itamar Ben Dor

Be.Green combines two things I love: nature and building something from scratch. I try to spend most of my free time outside and hike along some close by lakes and springs. With ten years of experience in online marketing and web development, I’m in charge of our marketing activities as well as all the technical bits and pieces.

As for my favorite plant, I’m a big fan of the Maranta Tricolor

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