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Tall, resilient and air-purifying – meet the Corn Plant


Corn plants are sometimes called false palms, because of their palm tree-like stature and long leaves. They are native to tropical regions of Africa and like well-drained soil and plenty of indirect sunlight. They also love humidity, so pick up a Haws Mister from our Be.Green accessories. Corn plants are hearty and easy to care for, and since NASA deems them a toxin-removing plant, they’re a healthy addition to any office or home.

Dracaena Fragrans is not safe for pets. If you’re looking for an air-purifying, pet-friendly alternative, try a non-toxic Kentia Palm.

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Air purification


Ease of care


Pet Friendly Plants


Matching pot size

18cm – 20cm

Light preference

Indirect light, Shade

Size range

Tall (65cm to 1m)

Dracaena fragrans

Corn Plant

The corn plant, with the scientific name of Dracaena, fragrans is a popular indoor plant for all the household gardeners. The indoor corn plant usually grows in offices or our houses. There are some varieties of this corn indoor plant that possess different kinds of foliage, such as the Victoria, lindenii, and massangeana. The massangeana is the famous corn plant variety among others.

Is Corn Plant Easy to Grow?

The Dracaena fragrans or the corn plant is very easy to grow and can adopt neglect, such as insufficient watering and lower level to sun exposure. But your corn plant will begin to have dull appearance when neglected for a more extended period.

Plant Type

The Dracaena fragrance is an indoor plant type that you can grow in your living room, office, or bathroom.


The proper watering of this corn indoor plant is; you will wait for the top of the soil to dry before watering again. But make sure that the soil will dry one-inch depth or lesser. Make sure that the soil of your corn plant maintains moist. Thus, your indoor plant will get the nutrients it needs.

Sun Exposure

The corn plant is an indoor plant type that needs a lower level of sun exposure. It does not tolerate direct sunlight as it may cause its leaves to dry and fall. The slow growth of foliage signifies that your corn plant needs more sunlight.

Is it Safe for Your Kids and Pets?

The corn indoor plant is safe for your kids but is harmful to your pets. But, corn plant contains alkaloids that can trigger stomach ache of your children when eaten. It also contains saponins that also harmful for your pets, most especially to your cats. It can cause dilated pupils, depression, and excessive salivation.

Which Room is Good to Grow Corn Plant?

Since the corn plant requires a low level of exposure to sunlight, I recommend you to place it in your living room or bathroom.

Does it Filter the Air?

Corn plant or the Dracaena fragrans is a natural air purifier, according to the study of NASA. It was also stated that corn plant is the most effective and efficient air purifier that can remove harmful toxins in the air.

Can it Grow in Your Bedroom?

The indoor corn plant does not tolerate dark light. It is because darker light will cause the growth of your plant to slow. If you prefer to place it inside your bedroom, make sure that it will get enough sunlight and humidity for faster growth.

Is it Toxic?

Yes, the corn plant is toxic for both of your pets and kids. But corn plant cannot cause severe conditions to your kids when eaten. But it can lead to your pets. It contains saponins that are dangerous to your pets and alkaloids that are quite harmful to your kids.

Health Benefits of Corn Plant

Since the corn plant is a natural indoor purifier, it can remove all the toxins that are harmful to your health. Thus, an indoor corn plant will give you cleaner and fresher air that is beneficial to your health.

Special Features of Corn Plant

The Dracaena fragrans or the corn plant features two or more stems or canes. Its canes and stems create new trunks and a bunch of leaves above on its cane. The canes of this corn plant can reach 6 feet long – which is suitable to grow indoors. Its crown can also be cut when it reaches your desired height for it.


The indoor corn plant prefers low light exposure. It also wants to maintain the moisture of its soil.


The corn plant doesn’t want to be exposed in direct sunlight. It does not also tolerate overwatering as it may cause its roots to rot.

Growing Corn Plant Care Tips

Light – lower level of sun exposure.

Water – maintain the moist of its soil but do not overwater.

Humidity – a higher level of humidity.

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