Liquid orchid fertiliser
Liquid orchid fertiliser
Liquid orchid fertiliser Liquid orchid fertiliser
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€14.00 Liquid orchid fertiliser
Fertiliser for complete and balanced nutrition for good growth and abundant flowering of all types of orchids.
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Liquid orchid fertiliser

Liquid fertiliser especially suitable for orchids with all the necessary elements they need. It contains anti-limescale, a substance with acidifying power that allows to correct the excess of lime in the irrigation water and to obtain a slightly acid pH of the water that favours the total assimilation of all the nutritive elements for the orchid.

How to use Liquid Fertiliser for orchids:
  • Use the cap of the liquid fertiliser bottle as a measuring device.
  • Fill the measuring cap half full and dilute it with 5 litres of water.
  • Shake the water with the fertiliser to mix it well.
  • Once the water and fertiliser are mixed, you can water your orchid.
  • Repeat this process when the roots are white.
  • Liquid fertiliser 350 ml.
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