Indoor plants

Take a look at our selection of indoor plants to fill your living room with greenery - we've got the perfect one for you!

Indoor plants

Few things can elevate the décor of your flat like indoor plants. Some see it as an adult landmark, others as a fad; but the truth is that plants are an essential piece that adds extra colour and humanity to spaces. Whether you want to create an Amazonian garden in your living room or just a few plants for your bedroom bedside table, with or without planting experience, you've come to the right place. At Be Green you'll find the most beautiful houseplants and we'll help you keep them alive

The great advantage of starting with houseplants is that the conditions indoors are usually quite stable, so it will be very easy to create a space in which plants can grow and develop to their full potential, without worrying too much about the climatic conditions of the region. But not all plants are suited to living within 4 walls, so you need to choose wisely. Don't worry, at Be.Green we have created the perfect selection of those species that will be happy to live with you

Before you jump into buying the plant you think is the most beautiful, evaluate your flat: Are there windows where you want to put your plants? Does the sun shine in directly? Do you have air conditioning, a fan or heating running frequently? How much space do you have? Do you travel a lot? Once you have defined these variables, you can look through the catalogue of indoor plants at Be.Green. We'll help you choose the perfect houseplant for you, one that suits your flat and your lifestyle. Large, small, pet-friendly, medicinal, purifying or low-maintenance plants. In our selection we have just what you need

Knowledge is power and that's why we provide you with everything you need to know to keep your houseplants thriving and looking lush. **At Be.Green we firmly believe that everyone can develop the ability to grow robust, lush and beautiful plants ** Don't let past experiences rob you of your confidence, we'll walk you through the whole process. Forget dead plants and other horror stories, with our support you can become an expert in houseplant gardening.

We know that plants are also a decorative complement and should harmonise with the aesthetics of the space, so we have prepared a design section. You won't have to wander around several shops looking for what you need, here in our online shop you will find the stylish accessories you need: decorative pots, tables, shelves and more. But that's not all, we also have tools, humidifiers, UV lamps, substrate, fertilisers, sprinklers and watering cans. Comfort and efficiency are priorities for us, so we have optimised everything to meet all your requirements in record time. Ask for whatever your green heart tells you, and we will deliver it to wherever you tell us. It doesn't matter if you want ten palms or two mini-succulents, everything will arrive in perfect condition

The secret to lush houseplants is a combination of three factors: knowledge, confidence and healthy plants. We share all our tips on how to care for houseplants on our blog and our advisors accompany you through the process. We lovingly select the most beautiful and healthiest plants from our nurseries, carefully pack them and deliver them to your home within 24 hours or less, including a care card with a summary of the care they need. Together we are the perfect team: with your enthusiasm and the support of Be Green you are guaranteed success.