Treatment for plants

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Treatments for plants

While it is true that plants in a garden only need water and sunshine to live and grow happily, when it comes to houseplants it is a different story. As they are potted and not exposed to rain and other environmental factors, it is necessary to supplement their care with certain plant treatments. In addition, if they become diseased or infested with unwanted guests, they will need an insecticide. Don't worry, at Be Green we have everything you need. A plant can create its own food from the nutrients it absorbs from the soil and water, but after a certain time these nutrients in the substrate are depleted and need to be replenished. Outdoors this process occurs naturally, but in a pot you will have to do it yourself. To feed your plant and make it grow healthy, strong and happy you can use a specific fertiliser, like the ones we have in the care section, and we will explain how and when to use them. You can try Guano, which is a natural, organic fertiliser that works well for all plants, but you can also try liquid fertiliser. If you want to make the green of your houseplants even more intense and beautiful, then go for a greening agent for plants. Want something to stimulate the growth of flowers and fruits? Nitroflower is just what you need. But our online shop has much more than just fertiliser, we offer substrate and even insecticides. The best part is that we have organic and natural products that are safe for you and your pets. At Be green we want to make everything much easier for you, so we have created complete care kits for your plants. Some are for those who need to transplant, others are to maintain the beauty and lushness of the foliage, while others are to stimulate flowering. Don't know which one to buy? Don't worry, we offer personalised guidance so you get just the product your plants need. Forget about wasting money buying the wrong products in any nursery, we will help you to get the right product that will solve your plant's problem. Whether your plants need a transplant, are being attacked by invasive insects or need a little nutrients to keep them looking beautiful, at Be Green you will find all the resources to diagnose what they need, we offer personal support and you will find all the best quality products in our shop. The best part is that we ship online. If you've ever walked across town with a big bag of substrate, big pots and bags of tools and treatments, you'll know that having everything delivered to your door is a priceless blessing. Here you can buy the plants that best suit your region, plus all the accessories to display them in style and the tools to make caring for them a breeze. As if that wasn't enough, we offer you everything you need to know about the needs of each species you purchase. We prepare your entire order and carefully and lovingly wrap each plant so that they arrive at your door in perfect condition. We want you to become a gardening expert, so we have prepared everything you may need to make your plants happy. Don't wait any longer, order your treatments at Be Green and make the most of your collection.