Affiliate Program

At Be.Green we are experts in sending plants, and we are also experts in working with affiliates! We offer not only high commissions, but also high conversion rates.

Join the Be.Green Affiliate Program today - be part of a team working to make the world a greener place!

Here are 6 good reasons to join

Excellent commissions

If you run a personal or business website, or even a blog, and are looking for promotions that offer up to 13% commission and an excellent conversion rate, Be.Green has the product for you!

Excellent conversions

At Be.Green we offer a premium service and process all orders with the highest possible attention to detail - it's easy to see why customers keep coming back!

Benefits of working with us

At Be.Green we provide our affiliates with the ability to add our branding, banners, products and links to their own website. In addition, we offer advanced widgets and scripts so you can add our shop directly to your site, with a 90 day return cookie that identifies visitors when they come back to buy more.

New exciting campaigns

At Be.Green we never stop looking for new ideas and are always promoting new campaigns and special occasions. We will provide you with new banners and materials on a regular basis to help you redirect customers to our website, customers that will soon convert into sales and increase your commissions.

Who is Be.Green?

We are the leading online plant e-commerce, with presence in Spain, Italy and France. We are the e-commerce with the widest catalogue of plant care, decoration and different varieties of plants.

Contact us

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The affiliation programme includes:


Commissions up to 13%


ExcelLent conversions


90-day return cookie


Advanced Widgets


Text links, Flash banners


Exciting campaigns