Watering cans and sprayers

Find here a selection of everything you need to keep your plants hydrated all year round - and in style too!

Watering cans and sprays

Because it's not all love and no love alone, plants require sun and water (among other things) to exist. In order to water your plants with style and efficiency you need a watering can, but some plants, like Calatheas and ferns, require a little extra moisture so sprayers should be on your shopping list. Do it in style and without leaving the house: go for one of the models on offer at Be.Green. The need for these accessories is not just for aesthetics, although these watering cans and sprayers are so stylish that they will look great with your décor, but they will allow you to deliver the right amount of moisture without affecting your plant. With these accessories you won't have to worry about puddles, wet spots on leaves or uneven and insufficient watering. While you could get by with a simple plastic jug, this can have its drawbacks. For example, if you put too much water in at once and the soil is rather dry, the water will immediately run out of the drainage holes without soaking into the substrate. On the other hand, if you have plants such as succulents in your indoor garden, if water gets on their leaves, they can become stained and rotten

Watering cans will make your plant life easier. Thanks to their particular structure, characterised by a long, thin spout that lets the water out little by little, you will be able to water directly at the base of the plant, reaching the roots more directly without touching the rest of the plant. The water will come out at a regular rhythm, soaking the substrate very well and doing your job efficiently. You can buy them in different materials, including metal, which will be more durable and will keep the water away from the sun's rays, so no moss or bacteria will grow. A sprinkler will allow you to leave a fine spray of water on the leaves, without saturating the soil and without risking large droplets in the sun acting as a magnifying glass that will burn the leaves. Sprays are not only good for keeping your plant fresh and dewy, they are great allies for spraying insecticides on your houseplants and vegetable garden; preventing or combating pests such as mealy bugs, fungus, spider mites and others, as well as preventing weeds. Whether you have a small Boston fern or a large Rubus that covers a section of your garden, your plants will appreciate a spray of water, especially in summer.

To buy quality sprinklers and watering cans, you don't need to make a trip to Leroy Martin or spend hours browsing the aisles, overwhelmed by the choice and trying to avoid cheap products that break. You can find everything you need and more to care for your plants here at Be.Green, as we have selected premium products that are made to last and last. Make up your mind and put them in your shopping cart, they are the perfect complement to your plants, plus they look great.