Frequently Asked Questions

ProductsWhy is my plant a different color than in the photo?Plants are living beings and therefore all are different and special. The photos are indicative but


  • Why is my plant a different color than in the photo?

Plants are living beings and therefore all are different and special. The photos are indicative but we try to have the color as close as possible to the color of the photos.

  • What are the measurements of the plants?

Below the image of each plant you will find its approximate size. The internal diameter of the pot is measured from the inside, from one side to the other, and the height from the ground.

  • If I don't buy the pot, which one do I get?

The plants come transplanted in a plastic pot with holes in the bottom for drainage and watering. The purchase of the decorative pot is optional.

Only in some cases, the decorative pot is included with your purchase. In the description of each product you can check what is included.

Ordering / Shipping

  • Can I change the billing address?

To change your billing details, log in to your user area and choose the order you need the invoice for. There you will have the option to change or add the data.

  • Do you have a physical shop?

We do not have a physical shop, we only work online. Our plants are sent directly from the nursery so that they arrive at your home quickly and in the best conditions.

  • Do you ship to the Islands?

In Spain, we do ship to the Balearic Islands. We do not yet ship to the Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla, but we hope to have availability for these territories soon.

In Italy, we do ship to Sicily and Sardinia, with a slightly longer shipping time. San Marino and the Vatican are not yet available.

Finally, in France, we have shipments to Monaco and Corsica with a slightly longer shipping time. We do not have shipping available for Andorra or French Overseas Territories.

  • If I have problems with my shipment, where can I contact you?

You can contact us through the form to help you.

  • What payment options do you have?

At the moment the payment methods we offer are via credit/debit card, Amazon Pay and PayPal.

  • Can I request an invoice?

If you filled in the billing information during the purchase process, you will automatically receive the invoice 24 hours later in the inbox of the email address you provided.

If you did not fill in your billing details and would like to receive the invoice, please click on this link.

  • Does the invoice go inside the order?

No. We only send it by mail if you specifically ask us to do so.

  • Can I add a gift card to my order?

Sure 😊 You can leave the message you want the other person to receive in the NOTES section. We will add it to the order without fail.

  • Do you deliver on specific days and times?

The delivery time depends on both the destination and the product and can be seen in the shopping cart after adding the product. At the moment, we cannot specify a specific day and time. Deliveries have a delivery time between 3 to 5 days and we deliver from 9am to 8pm.

On special events, such as Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, and others, you can choose the delivery date by clicking the "Is it a gift?" button on the checkout page.

  • What to do when my plant arrives a bit weak from the trip?

You can touch the soil and if it is dry water it a little. It will also do very well to spray the leaves every other day or every day for the first week, it needs a rest.

If after a few days it doesn't improve, please contact us and we will find a solution for your new plant.

  • How long is the delivery time?

The delivery time is 3 to 5 days, but some products may arrive within 24-48 hours. If you place your order on a Friday afternoon, the delivery time is longer, as we do not deliver on weekends.

  • I had problems with my order and my plant/pot arrived broken, how can I contact you?

You can contact us through the form to help you.

  • What is the status of my order?

You can check the status of your order here with the order number you received in your order confirmation email. If you can't find it, please contact us.

  • How are the plants received?

The plants are delivered individually, i.e. one plant per box, wrapped in recycled paper and with a damp cloth on top of the soil so that it does not lose moisture on the way to your home. If your order contains several products, you may receive them on different days.

Our boxes are specially designed with a special system so that you receive your plant in perfect condition.

  • Can I modify an order once it has been placed?

If your order has not yet been processed, i.e. if we have not yet started to prepare your order, you can contact us using the form.

  • If I have a coupon, where can I add it?

In the shopping cart, there is a box where you can add your discount coupon.

  • Do plants and other accessories have a shipping cost?

For orders over 34 euros, the final price includes all shipping costs. When the order is for less than 34 euros, it is charged separately.

  • Where can I see all my orders ?

In your user area you can find all the orders you have placed with us and their status.

  • Why didn't I receive my entire order in the same shipment?

Because Be.Green products come directly from the nurseries, without intermediaries, which means that the plants arrive at your home much fresher. The products we offer are grown by specialist nurseries, so it is likely that if you order different plants, we will make more than one shipment as we have different nurseries of origin.

  • Can I cancel my order?

You can make changes when the order is not yet being processed. Log in to your user area and click on the order you wish to cancel. If you don't see the option to cancel it means that the order is already being processed and probably can't be cancelled, but please contact us in the chat so we can check it for you.

  • Can I change my delivery address?

The delivery address can be changed when the order is not yet being processed. Go to your user area, click on the order you want to change and edit the delivery address. If the option to change the address does not appear, it means that the order is already being processed and probably can no longer be changed, but please contact us in the chat so we can check it for you.

  • How can I obtain an invoice for my order?

You can retrieve your invoice 24 hours after placing an order by visiting here. If you prefer to receive your invoice automatically via email, ensure to provide the invoice address during checkout. Additionally, if you need to update your invoice address or information, simply log in to your user area and access the relevant order.


  • Do you refund the money if I don't want the product?

We do not make returns of plants, so please adopt and pamper the plant that has come to you. If the plant arrives in bad condition you decide if you prefer us to send you a new one or refund you without problem. As for the accessories and pots, if you want to make an exchange you can send it to our nursery and we will send you the correct one or we will make the refund.

  • As a beginner, which plant would you recommend that needs little care?

The snake plant and the olive tree are very hardy and need little care. But you can access our website and filter on easy to care for plants 😊.


  • Do your pots have any kind of drainage?

There are two types of pots: the pots that contain the plant as such, and the decorative pots. We always recommend that each plant has its first main pot with holes to drain the water, and then a decorative pot that also helps to contain the water to keep it hydrated.

There are some pots that can do both functions, like some EcoPots, but it depends on the model. On our website all the characteristics of the pots are specified but if you want any specific recommendation please contact us and we will advise you in a personalized way.

  • When I receive the plant, do I have to transplant to another pot?

Transplanting as soon as you receive your plant is not the right thing to do. Wait a week or two and give it a lot of pampering. After two weeks from its arrival, if it is too tight, you can transplant it into a pot no more than 2 cm larger.

In principle you do not have to transplant it, you can simply place it in the pot you want.

  • What specific care should I give my plant?

You can find all the details for each plant in this guide.