Outdoor planters

The choice of pot is essential for the happiness of your plants. Discover our outdoor planters with or without drainage included!

Outdoor planters

Plant pots are the costume that will protect your potted plants, adding colour, height, texture and dimension to your space; and they're even more important when it comes to outdoor plants. But before you go out and buy the planters you think are the most fun, you should know that there are several factors to consider when choosing them, including where they will be placed. If you need planters for outdoors, the material, size and finish must be suitable to withstand the weather More than aesthetics, a necessity The typical plastic pots in which plants are usually sold are fine, they are light, solid and resistant; but if they are exposed to prolonged exposure to solar radiation, they will surely weaken and break. A similar thing happens with frost, as the material shrinks and cracks. Another reason to buy special outdoor pots is that the plastic of the pots heats up when the ambient temperature is high and this could affect the health of the roots

The beautiful outdoor planters you find in our online shop are made of materials that will be able to cope with intense sunshine and cooler temperatures. They are sturdy and made to efficiently protect the substrate and roots of your plant. In fact, they can help the moisture in the substrate to evaporate faster or slower depending on your plant's needs; they will also act as a temperature insulator and protect the roots from frost or heat waves Size matters Find the perfect size for all your outdoor plants in our selection of planters. Whether it's medicinal plants like aloe vera or aromatic rosemary (which also need to be in full sun and require a pot that can withstand UV radiation) or a lemon tree, we have the right one to keep the roots happily expanding and growing. Mini succulent collection? We have the perfect pot sets Form and function The best outdoor planters are those that combine beauty and efficiency. At Be Green we have a wide catalogue of outdoor planters in a variety of materials, textures and finishes; they will become a decorative piece that will highlight the beauty and attributes of your plant, regardless of its species. You can buy all the same planters or play with colours and finishes to create interesting compositions on your terrace, balcony or garden. We are sure you will find just what you need Personalised advice Be Green is much more than just a nursery or an online shop. We transcend the concept to offer you an integral service, where you can find personalised advice to find the planter you need. Do you have doubts about the size or materials of the planter? Ask in our chat or read the detailed descriptions of each product. We will gladly accompany you every step of the way in caring for your plants, while you learn everything you need to know to look after them like an expert. Planters at home The best part of shopping at Be Green is that not only will you find the healthiest and best looking plants, but there's an incredible range of accessories and supplies needed to keep your plants happy, including the trendiest outdoor planters. You can choose from the comfort of your own home the one that best suits your plants and order it all delivered to your door or wherever you request. Everything travels perfectly packaged in our 100% recyclable packaging, so it will arrive in perfect condition.

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