Cacti and succulents

A selection of hardy, easy to care for plants that enjoy the sun as much as you do.

Cacti and succulents

Plants and mates have one thing in common: lifestyle is the determining characteristic, which largely defines the type of plant (or mate) you should buy. For those with little time to devote to the garden or those with a volatile memory, cacti and succulents are the perfect species. Cacti and succulents require little care, most are pet-safe and in return will dazzle you with their unusual beauty.

Cacti and succulents](/en/cactus-and-succulents) are becoming the protagonists of many social networks and they are not only ideal plants for those who are starting out in the world of gardening, but because of their size, colours, shapes and peculiarities they are considered by many to be collector's items. In fact, there are more than ten thousand species of succulents, not counting hybrids and varieties, so you can spend your life collecting them without getting bored

The aesthetic potential of this type of plant is almost limitless, and paired with a beautiful pot like the ones we have in our design section, they are sure to become the perfect accessory for your decor. Crassulas, as these plants that store moisture and nutrients in their fleshy leaves are also known, have beautiful lines, particular shapes, so symmetrical and harmonious that they can complement minimalist or eclectic decorations. Some species are considered medicinal plants (Aloe Vera, for example), while others flower profusely

At Be.Green we believe that everyone has the ability to grow beautiful plants, as long as they have the right knowledge. That's why our commitment includes accompanying you through the whole process of purchase and aftercare. If you have no idea how to care for your new succulents, don't despair because we will offer you all the tips, tricks and resources to keep them healthy and safe. What's more, each plant we sell arrives at its new home with a personalised file that summarises the care it requires, so you won't forget it

In our online plant shop you will find everything you need to become an expert collector of succulents and cacti. From the most popular species, to substrates, watering cans and display accessories such as shelves and incredible pots with interesting materials and textures. Buying cacti and succulents online is also a fantastic way to start your xerophytic plant garden, as you can choose the ones you need and have them delivered to your door, without having to carry them all over town and risk getting a puncture. We love you so much, we make it even easier for you, because we have packs and trios of beautiful succulents with fun pots ready to ship

At Be.Green we'll choose the most radiant plants from our nurseries, pack them with great care and ship them immediately so they arrive in perfect condition wherever you decide - all for the same price and in less than 24 hours. What are you waiting for? That little cactus may be the first step to raise the level of your decoration and who knows, you may end up acquiring a new hobby.