Hanging plants

Hanging plants

Hanging plants are the ideal format for those who have little space and still long to fill their lives with greenery. Modernity and big cities have accustomed us to living in cosy flats, where there is not much space for potted plants. This does not mean that you have to resign yourself to having just a mini-cactus hidden on a bedside table, as you can always make the most of the vertical space and turn your flat into a haven for plants

Cascading plants are also an option for those who live in places with high ceilings and want to visually balance the room or for those who already have plenty of plants and want to continue adopting other species. Hanging plants look great because of their lines, so they are a perfect focal point for shelves, corners and other spaces that would otherwise be wasted. Don't want them to fall? Then put some guides on them and let them climb up the shelves. The decorative possibilities are endless.

At Be.Green you will find an interesting selection of hanging plants, a varied catalogue that will group these plants that grow in abundant green cascades. We have easy to care for plants for beginners, with interesting colours and designs, for shade and full sun. You'll find you'll want to choose one for every room in your flat, even the bathroom. And with our support you can make them thrive and become an indoor gardening expert.

At Be.Green we care about the future of the plants we sell, so we'll be with you so you can grow them happily. Don't worry if you've never cared for a plant in your life, because we offer detailed advice on how to care for them. We have precise guides with everything you need to know in order to keep that hanging plant beautiful and help it grow strong and healthy. Also on our blog you will find all the tips and tricks to better understand their cycles and needs. In case you don't find an answer, you can always contact us for personalised guidance. We will be happy to lend you a hand.

We want to give you much more than traditional nurseries, so in our online shop you can find everything you need to set up your green corner with hanging plants. From the coolest pots to watering cans and sprayers, as well as substrate, fertiliser and everything else you need to keep them in perfect health. We also have decorative accessories available, for example, if you like the idea of a drooping plant but don't fancy hanging them from the ceiling, you can buy a shelf to fix them on the wall. The best part? Everything will be delivered to your door

Forget about having to go through an endless list of shops or nurseries, or finding time in the middle of the week. No more postponing your dream of creating a little hanging jungle inside your flat, thanks to our online delivery system you can log on to the website from wherever you are, whenever you want. Fill your cart with the plants and accessories your heart desires, process the payment and have it delivered to your door in 24 hours or less

At Be.Green we select the most beautiful and healthy plants, pack them with the utmost care and attention so that they arrive in perfect condition at their destination. With us there is no room for unpleasant surprises: we guarantee that your hanging plants will exceed your expectations. Do you want to see for yourself? Take a look at the inspirational section of our website and delight in the photos taken by our happy customers. We are sure you will want to be part of the group of people who have filled their lives with green with our help.