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Selection of very, very tall plants!

Buy Plants Online - Tall Plants

Small plants have their charm, to be sure, but tall plants far exceed all expectations, they have an incredible visual impact. Firstly, because on their own they are capable of creating an exuberant and opulent atmosphere in the space where you place them, but also because they immediately become the centre of attention. If you want to make a difference in the design of your spaces, buying tall plants online has to be a priority


At Be.Green you can get tall plants (between 50 to 90 centimetres) or very tall plants (over one metre). In our catalogue you will find a variety of species, from a leafy Monstera to a stylish Alocasia. For outdoors, depending on the region you are in, an olive tree looks fantastic or a hardy ficus, with those beautiful, abundant leaves. The best part is that you can sort the plants by size, type of care, whether they are safe for pets and even where you want to place them


We make everything easier because we want to see you succeed in your journey to a plant-based life. We are committed to being much more than just a place to buy plants online, so we aim to offer you a comprehensive service, which is why you will also find detailed plant care guides by species, as well as gardening tips and tricks to keep them as beautiful as the first day. You can ask particular questions about your new tall plants, clear your doubts before the purchase and ask us anything you need. We are here to support you in this new green adventure. 


Buying pots and accessories for your tall plants can be a challenge, so there are those who are resigned to the simple pots of a lifetime. But don't worry because here at Be Green we have prepared a selection of stylish, beautiful and high quality decorative planters that will become the ideal addition to the plant temple you have in mind. Find planters with innovative material touches, exquisite textures and minimalist or boho trends, which will look beautiful with the design you have imagined for your space


Tall plants are the perfect complement for decorating spaces with high ceilings or those you need to visually lengthen. Elegant and stylish, they are a must for creating stylish spaces but let's face it: buying them is complicated because no one wants to struggle to get them into a car, or worse still, use public transport or walk down the street carrying them after buying them from the nursery


You no longer have to limit your wishes to the size of your car boot, because one of the many advantages of buying plants online at Be.Green is that they will be delivered to your doorstep in just 24 hours, for the same price. We lovingly choose healthy, lush, leafy plants, pack them with care and deliver them safe and sound to the location of your choice. Let your imagination run wild and create spaces with plants as tall as your dreams