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Discover the most beautiful plants, best suited to your space, geographic region and lifestyle without leaving home. Be.Green is the online shop where you can choose plants according to your space, tastes and needs with a simple click, but we are also your partner in creating the plant corner you need to take refuge in. is this your first time? Don't worry, we promise to accompany you through the whole process. We will guide you in selecting the right one, you will learn how to take care of it and you will find everything you need to create unique spaces full of life. In just 24 hours you will receive healthy, happy and healthy plants, because we pack them with great care and love so that they arrive in perfect condition, just as you see them in the photographs. Forget about spending days visiting nursery after nursery looking for a specific plant, comparing prices or trying to guess what species of plant might survive in your flat or garden. Shopping at Be.Green is synonymous with freedom: there is no rush, no timetables, no shop assistants hounding you to buy something or who can't even give you the information you need. Here you can calmly visit each and every one of the plants in our catalogue and take your time to say which one you like the most.

Be.Green allows you to make an informed purchase, which will result in healthy, happy and living plants. Buying plants online is an eye-opening experience that will leave you hungry for more. It's not just about the convenience of being able to buy your plants whenever you want, wherever you want, from your computer or phone, without having to go out of town. Nor is it about how convenient it is to be able to buy a large palm tree for the living room without having to struggle to get it into the car or not having to carry a pot of aloe vera or a cactus all the way home without getting a puncture. Here we want to offer you much more, we want you to feel that we are your support network within the plant community. Be.Green is more than just an online plant shop, our aim is to offer you all the knowledge you need to get started in the wonderful world of gardening, without trauma and in simple terms. We want you to become familiar with plants, to learn to identify the conditions of your space and lifestyle so that you can choose the ideal plant, whether it is a huge Pinus pinaster or a beautiful rosemary blossom for your kitchen window. Use our search engine to browse through our selection of plants, following the parameters you require: level of lighting, type of care, whether they are pet safe, medicinal plants or according to size. Learn more about the needs and personality of the plant you have fallen in love with and, if they are compatible, add them to your shopping cart. Visit our blog for all your questions about plant care, decorating with plants, plus tips and tricks to keep them growing healthy and happy. In our online shop you will find the most stylish accessories with personality, capable of elevating the look of your plants and integrating them into your decor. Plants allow you to explore your creative side. The best part? We're with you to make it a complete and satisfying experience, from the first click until you receive your new companions at the door of your home or office. More than just an online shop, we want to be your partner to start your design adventure. Dream spaces, get inspired and build, we are with you to make it happen.